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  1. That is quite tempting at times, I will admit. However, having grown up with both TOS and TNG, it would be hard for me to throw THAT out. Right now, what I'm thinking is this: Trek Canon: Original Series, First four movies, Undiscovered Country, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Generations, and First Contact are definitely canon, with everything else being "pick-and-choose". I.E., pick the worldbuilding elements such as events, characters, species, natural phenomena, and starship classes from the other series, movies, and video games that fit with the overall "feel", and disregard the rest. Wars Canon: Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, The Clone Wars, Rebels, Rogue One, and Solo, along with the "Tarkin" and "Thrawn" novels. Disregard the Sequel Trilogy, that was a floundering pile of pointlessness. Obviously, starship weapons yields and the like will be "massaged", in order to prevent curbstomps. Because stompfics like "Portal" and "Conquest" are, to be frank, at best boring, and usually just godawful.
  2. Alright, given the developments in both Trek and Wars since this post was made (2 years already? Jesus...), this will have to be... updated. Quite a bit.
  3. Khas

    Star Wars resistance discussion

    I've only seen the bit in the Season 1 finale where Hosnian Prime gets blasted by Starkiller Base.
  4. Alright, so here are the parts from Star Trek and Star Wars that are canon for the ASVS Grand Story. Star Trek side: Definitely Canon: TV shows: - Star Trek: Enterprise - Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2 - Star Trek: The Original Series (with the exception of "Spock's Brain") - Star Trek: The Next Generation - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Star Trek: Voyager (with the exception of "Threshold") Movies: - Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Star Trek: Generations - Star Trek: First Contact - Star Trek: Insurrection - Star Trek: Nemesis - Star Trek (2009) (The parts that take place in the prime reality, anyway, such as the destruction of Romulus) - Star Trek Beyond (The parts that were set up before the timelines diverged, such as the disappearance of the USS Franklin) Video Games: - Star Trek Online (with the exception of the 29th century stuff, the Kelvin timeline stuff, and ya know what? Just all time travel stuff.) Literature: - Star Trek: To Reign In Hell - The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh - Pathways (the parts that aren't contradicted by the show, anyway) - Mosaic (again, see "Pathways") Partially Canon/Canon in a "Broad Strokes" Way: - Star Trek: Discovery - Season 1 Mostly Non-Canon: TV Shows: - Star Trek: The Animated Series (only the episode "Yesteryear" and the characters of M'Ress and Arex are canon for this story) Movies: - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (only McCoy's Pain is canon) Definitely Non-Canon: TV Shows: - Star Trek: Discovery - Season 3 Movies: - Star Trek Into Darkness All Star Trek literature, comics, and video games not previously listed. Uncertain (Canon Status to be decided once these works actually debut): TV Shows: - Star Trek: Picard - Star Trek: Lower Decks - The Untitled Section 31 Series - The In-Progress Nickelodeon Cartoon Star Wars side: Definitely Canon: Movies: - The Phantom Menace - Attack of the Clones - Revenge of the Sith - Solo - Rogue One - A New Hope - The Empire Strikes Back - Return of the Jedi TV Shows: - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars: Rebels Literature: - A New Dawn - The "New" Thrawn Trilogy Partially Canon/Canon in a "Broad Strokes" Way: Movies: - The Force Awakens TV Shows: - Star Wars: Resistance Literature: - Pretty much the rest of the new Star Wars Expanded Universe Mostly Non-Canon: - The Last Jedi (only a few planets and classes of starship are canon, regarding THAT movie!) Uncertain (Canon Status to be decided once these works actually debut): Movies: - The Rise of Skywalker TV Shows: - The Mandalorian A little thing to note, however, is that the firepower for the Star Wars side's ships has been boosted somewhat compared to canon. And the reason for this is simple - so that it DOESN'T turn into an utter curbstomp in Trek's favor. Stompfics are no fun to read, and we want to create a story that both Trekkies and Warsies can enjoy.
  5. Power Generation Tech: Trek Wars Power Generation.docx Sublight Engine Tech: Trek Wars Sublight Propulsion Methods.docx FTL Methods: Trek Wars FTL Methods.docx
  6. Again, had to fix some stuff with the weapons - mostly phasers, in this case. And as always, these word documents are best read in "Enable Editing" mode. Energy Weapons: Phasers: Trek Wars Weapons - Phasers.docx Tetryon Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Tetryon Cannons.docx Turbolasers: Trek Wars Weapons - Turbolasers.docx Ion Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Ion Cannons.docx Disruptors: Trek Wars Weapons - Disruptors.docx Phased Polaron Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Phased Polaron Cannons.docx Plasma Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Plasma Cannons.docx Explosive Weapons: Photon Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Photon Torpedoes.docx Quantum Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Quantum Torpedoes.docx Tricobalt Warheads: Trek Wars Weapons - Tricobalt Warheads.docx Proton Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Proton Torpedoes.docx Concussion Missiles: Trek Wars Weapons - Concussion Missiles.docx Misc. Weapons not common enough to warrant their own documents: Trek Wars Weapons - Other.docx Defensive Tech: Deflector Shields: Trek Wars Defenses - Deflector Shields.docx Cloaking Devices: Trek Wars Defenses - Cloaking Devices.docx
  7. Alright, we all know that the United Federation of Planets was founded by four races - Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites - coming together to combat Romulan aggression. Well, in the following scenarios, the same four races found the Federation, BUT.... the human government is switched out with a human government from another sci-fi universe. So, replacing United Earth, we have the.... - Global Defense Initiative (Command & Conquer) - United Earth Directorate (StarCraft) - United Nations Space Command (Halo) - Systems Alliance (Mass Effect) - Terran Hegemony (BattleTech) - Earth Alliance (Babylon 5) - Earth Federation (Mobile Suit Gundam) How does the UFP develop in each of these alternate timelines?
  8. Khas

    A thoery Colonel West

    It's possible that Colonel West actually represents the Starfleet Marine Corps - which just normally wasn't focused on otherwise. May have even been disbanded after Star Trek VI, but before TNG, due to the Federation believing that it was no longer necessary. A decision that the Dominion War would make them deeply regret.
  9. https://www.startrek.com/news/star-trek-nickelodeon-animation
  10. Alright, been in a kind of silly mood lately, so, I'll make a silly fight. Here, we have three awful cooks trying to make the best meal. Our contestants are.... Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!) Neelix (Star Trek: Voyager) And Swedish Chef (The Muppets) Gordon Ramsay will judge this fiasco. So, who emerges triumphant from this culinary chaos?
  11. If the Andorian Imperial Guard still exists, it's likely Andoria's equivalent of a Planetary Defense Force from 40K. And as Star Trek Online shows, Andorian (along with Vulcan and Caitian) starships are being recruited into Starfleet service, so... this is the most likely case.
  12. *sighs* This is gonna be "Yesterday's Enterprise 2: Electric Boogaloo", isn't it?
  13. Okay. Drunken ramblings from RayCav. Not quite how I expected this to begin....
  14. Greetings! Welcome to the beginning of the ASVS Grand Story forum! Now, you may be asking, "What the flying fuck is the ASVS Grand Story?". I'll tell you! The ASVS Grand Story is something that's been brewing in my brain for a few years now, and which Tyralak and I (and a few others) have talked about - a collaborative Star Trek/Star Wars crossover story, one that, hopefully, will become the definitive one - the one that, when people hear "Star Trek/Star Wars crossover fanfic", will cause THIS story to come to their minds. "But Khas?" I hear you say. "Star Trek/Star Wars crossovers are already common! Why, we already have 'Portal' and 'Conquest', not to mention 'The Unity Saga', and the late 'TrekWars: The Furry Conflict! Why do we need another?" Answer? Because Portal and Conquest are Godawful stomp fics, and, as was mentioned, TrekWars: The Furry Conflict no longer exists (and when it did, had a few REALLY stupid elements along with its good ones - looking at YOU, rainbow lightsaber and Weeaboo Space Amazon Empire). As for The Unity Saga, while good, it doesn't tell the story that WE want to tell. Now that brings me to the second reason - this whole "Trek vs Wars" mess? Most of it started with us. Well, not this forum, but the original Alt.StarTrek.Vs.StarWars Usenet group WAY back in 1997 (alright, if you want to get technical, it started back in 1995, with the "Who would win? The Enterprise-D or a Star Destroyer?" thread - but ASVS' founders took part in that thread). Every previously mentioned story? Their authors were members of that Usenet group, or at the very least, visited it. The "Versus" culture? Started with us. And the actions of some of our former members, for good or for ill, have even influenced the directions taken by the staff OF Star Trek and Star Wars. So if it started with us, then it's only fitting that it should end with us. So come, and prepare yourselves for a journey beyond your imagination....