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      The official discussion forum for Brian Young's video commentaries and case studies on scifights.net, Geek's Basement Submissions and ASVS Commentaries.

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      The place where we bend over backward to reconcile inconsistencies and plot holes in sci-fi.

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      A place of remembrance for our fallen brethren.

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      Where Khas reviews stuff and does Dramatic Readings of bad fanfics. He will also provide recipes from time to time.

    5. The Art Gallery

      A place for folks to share their various artwork, should they feel like it.

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    • Okay, as we've seen in various Star Wars books, video games, and other media, vessels in SW often use a type of power called "solar ionization".  But what IS this "solar ionization"?  And how can we reconcile it with what "Solo" showed us - that SW ships tend to have fusion cores as their main power supply?  Not to mention all that liquid fuel we see going into starships (which is what formed the basis of Jedi Master Spock's old "diesel fusion" theory).   Well, it seems I've found a solution that could answer all these problems.  Behold, CNO Fusion!
    • Lucius was convinced there wasn't anything untoward about the whales, and after a minute he reached back and shut off the thermal sight to conserve batteries. When it was his turn to check in, he keyed his radio's transmit button and said, "Night 7, negative contacts, out." The whales were actually a welcome break from the monotony of the slapping waves. The steady splashing sound could dull the senses, make him not hear what he should. He couldn't get the nagging feeling that something other than marine life was out there. A gut feeling of impending trouble had developed ever since his cameraman was so violently killed in Afghanistan. "Man," he said, spitting over the side of the ship. "That old tightness...like back then. Somethin' is goin' down. Cain't see shit out there." Although it had only been a few minutes, he reached back over his shoulder and turned the thermal sights back on. After a few seconds, he unslung his rifle, and looked through the scope out at the black ocean.
    • Also, if they DO make another animated series after "Lower Decks".... well, here's what I hope they do.   Make it a Dominion War side-story, and have three sub-plots.  Sub-plot 1 focuses on a Starfleet Fighter Squadron.  Sub-plot 2, on Klingon ground troops, maybe a tank battalion or something.  And Sub-plot 3 will center on a Romulan black ops team.  Eventually, the three subplots converge at the final battle of the war, the Battle of Cardassia.
    • Eventually, we'll probably see the same things we saw with the TNG era - there will still be those who bitch and moan, while the new stuff is gradually accepted.   I just hope "Lower Decks" doesn't include any 4th-wall breaking.  Because the backlash against that would be enormous.  But, since the head writer of Lower Decks is a huge Trekkie himself (his cat is named Riker)... we probably won't have to worry about that.
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