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    • I've only seen the bit in the Season 1 finale where Hosnian Prime gets blasted by Starkiller Base.
    • Anyone else watching this show cus I tapped out 3 eps
    • Sula was train in advance hand to hand combat. Major J Hayes member MACO. Sula armed sword and Major J Hayes will be armed with his stun baton. And by close range weapons I include hand to hand combat. Just no phaser or stun granades. Who do guys thing is going to with this one.. 
    • Alright, so here are the parts from Star Trek and Star Wars that are canon for the ASVS Grand Story. Star Trek side: Definitely Canon: TV shows:
       - Star Trek: Enterprise
       - Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2
       - Star Trek: The Original Series (with the exception of "Spock's Brain")
       - Star Trek: The Next Generation
       - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
       - Star Trek: Voyager (with the exception of "Threshold") Movies:
       - Star Trek: The Motion Picture
       - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
       - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
       - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
       - Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
       - Star Trek: Generations
       - Star Trek: First Contact
       - Star Trek: Insurrection
       - Star Trek: Nemesis
       - Star Trek (2009) (The parts that take place in the prime reality, anyway, such as the destruction of Romulus)
       - Star Trek Beyond (The parts that were set up before the timelines diverged, such as the disappearance of the USS Franklin) Video Games:
       - Star Trek Online (with the exception of the 29th century stuff, the Kelvin timeline stuff, and ya know what?  Just all time travel stuff.) Literature:
       - Star Trek: To Reign In Hell - The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh
       - Pathways (the parts that aren't contradicted by the show, anyway)
       - Mosaic (again, see "Pathways")   Partially Canon/Canon in a "Broad Strokes" Way:
       - Star Trek: Discovery - Season 1   Mostly Non-Canon: TV Shows:
       - Star Trek: The Animated Series (only the episode "Yesteryear" and the characters of M'Ress and Arex are canon for this story) Movies:
       - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (only McCoy's Pain is canon)   Definitely Non-Canon: TV Shows:
       - Star Trek: Discovery - Season 3 Movies:
       - Star Trek Into Darkness All Star Trek literature, comics, and video games not previously listed.   Uncertain (Canon Status to be decided once these works actually debut): TV Shows:
       - Star Trek: Picard
       - Star Trek: Lower Decks
       - The Untitled Section 31 Series
       - The In-Progress Nickelodeon Cartoon     Star Wars side: Definitely Canon: Movies:
       - The Phantom Menace
       - Attack of the Clones
       - Revenge of the Sith
       - Solo
       - Rogue One
       - A New Hope
       - The Empire Strikes Back
       - Return of the Jedi TV Shows:
       - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
       - Star Wars: Rebels Literature:
       - A New Dawn
       - The "New" Thrawn Trilogy   Partially Canon/Canon in a "Broad Strokes" Way: Movies:
       - The Force Awakens TV Shows:
       - Star Wars: Resistance Literature:
       - Pretty much the rest of the new Star Wars Expanded Universe   Mostly Non-Canon:
       - The Last Jedi (only a few planets and classes of starship are canon, regarding THAT movie!)   Uncertain (Canon Status to be decided once these works actually debut): Movies:
       - The Rise of Skywalker TV Shows:
       - The Mandalorian   A little thing to note, however, is that the firepower for the Star Wars side's ships has been boosted somewhat compared to canon.  And the reason for this is simple - so that it DOESN'T turn into an utter curbstomp in Trek's favor.  Stompfics are no fun to read, and we want to create a story that both Trekkies and Warsies can enjoy.
    • And as for the Federation characters, well, first we'll handle the main starship's crew: Captain - 
      First Officer - 
      Chief Science Officer - 
      Chief Medical Officer - 
      Chief Engineer - 
      Chief of Security - 
      Chief Tactical Officer - 
      Chief of Operations - 
      Counselor - 
      Helmsman - 
      Starfighter Commander - 
      M.A.C.O. Detachment Leader -  Other Federation characters:
      Sane, Reasonable Admiral - 
      Warhawk Admiral - 
      Batshit Crazy Admiral - 
      Section 31 Guy - 
      Recurring Captain 1 - 
      Recurring Captain 2 - 
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