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  1. Alright, we all know that the United Federation of Planets was founded by four races - Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites - coming together to combat Romulan aggression. Well, in the following scenarios, the same four races found the Federation, BUT.... the human government is switched out with a human government from another sci-fi universe. So, replacing United Earth, we have the.... - Global Defense Initiative (Command & Conquer) - United Earth Directorate (StarCraft) - United Nations Space Command (Halo) - Systems Alliance (Mass Effect) - Terran Hegemony (BattleTech) - Earth Alliance (Babylon 5) - Earth Federation (Mobile Suit Gundam) How does the UFP develop in each of these alternate timelines?
  2. Khas

    A thoery Colonel West

    It's possible that Colonel West actually represents the Starfleet Marine Corps - which just normally wasn't focused on otherwise. May have even been disbanded after Star Trek VI, but before TNG, due to the Federation believing that it was no longer necessary. A decision that the Dominion War would make them deeply regret.
  3. https://www.startrek.com/news/star-trek-nickelodeon-animation
  4. Alright, been in a kind of silly mood lately, so, I'll make a silly fight. Here, we have three awful cooks trying to make the best meal. Our contestants are.... Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo!) Neelix (Star Trek: Voyager) And Swedish Chef (The Muppets) Gordon Ramsay will judge this fiasco. So, who emerges triumphant from this culinary chaos?
  5. If the Andorian Imperial Guard still exists, it's likely Andoria's equivalent of a Planetary Defense Force from 40K. And as Star Trek Online shows, Andorian (along with Vulcan and Caitian) starships are being recruited into Starfleet service, so... this is the most likely case.
  6. Alright, since the starship database is compiled and uploaded, I'll handle the next step - the weapons of this universe, and how they work. Energy/Beam Weapons: Phasers: Trek Wars Weapons - Phasers.docx Turbolasers: Trek Wars Weapons - Turbolasers.docx Disruptors: Trek Wars Weapons - Disruptors.docx Ion Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Ion Cannons.docx Phased Polaron Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Phased Polaron Cannons.docx Tetryon Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Tetryon Cannons.docx Plasma Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Plasma Cannons.docx Explosive Weapons: Photon Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Photon Torpedoes.docx Proton Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Proton Torpedoes.docx Quantum Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Quantum Torpedoes.docx Concussion Missiles: Trek Wars Weapons - Concussion Missiles.docx Tricobalt Warheads: Trek Wars Weapons - Tricobalt Warheads.docx Misc. Weapons: Other: Trek Wars Weapons - Other.docx
  7. *sighs* This is gonna be "Yesterday's Enterprise 2: Electric Boogaloo", isn't it?
  8. Alright, here are the documents showing which faction has which classes of starship in the planned "Grand Story". Maybe if we're lucky, someone can compile all of these into a wiki or something. Alright, by faction: First, the "Hero" factions: United Federation of Planets: Trek Wars Fleets - Federation.docx Klingon Empire: Trek Wars Fleets - Klingon.docx Romulan Republic: Trek Wars Fleets - Romulan.docx Dominion: Trek Wars Fleets - Dominion.docx New Republic: Trek Wars Fleets - New Republic.docx Resistance: Trek Wars Fleets - Resistance.docx Cardassian Union: Trek Wars Fleets - Cardassian.docx Ferengi Alliance: Trek Wars Fleets - Ferengi.docx Borg Cooperative: Trek Wars Fleets - Free Borg.docx Chiss Ascendancy: Trek Wars Fleets - Chiss.docx Hapes Consortium: Trek Wars Fleets - Hapan.docx Next, the "Villain" factions: First Order: Trek Wars Fleets - First Order.docx Tal Shiar: Trek Wars Fleets - Tal Shiar.docx True Way Alliance: Trek Wars Fleets - True Way.docx Borg Collective: Trek Wars Fleets - Borg.docx Yuuzhan Vong Empire: Trek Wars Fleets - Yuuzhan Vong.docx And finally, the "Neutral" factions: Breen Confederacy: Trek Wars Fleets - Breen.docx Tholian Assembly: Trek Wars Fleets - Tholian.docx Tzenkethi Coalition: Trek Wars Fleets - Tzenkethi.docx Corporate Sector Authority: Trek Wars Fleets - Corporate Sector.docx Civilian: Trek Wars Fleets - Civilian.docx
  9. Greetings! Welcome to the beginning of the ASVS Grand Story forum! Now, you may be asking, "What the flying fuck is the ASVS Grand Story?". I'll tell you! The ASVS Grand Story is something that's been brewing in my brain for a few years now, and which Tyralak and I (and a few others) have talked about - a collaborative Star Trek/Star Wars crossover story, one that, hopefully, will become the definitive one - the one that, when people hear "Star Trek/Star Wars crossover fanfic", will cause THIS story to come to their minds. "But Khas?" I hear you say. "Star Trek/Star Wars crossovers are already common! Why, we already have 'Portal' and 'Conquest', not to mention 'The Unity Saga', and the late 'TrekWars: The Furry Conflict! Why do we need another?" Answer? Because Portal and Conquest are Godawful stomp fics, and, as was mentioned, TrekWars: The Furry Conflict no longer exists (and when it did, had a few REALLY stupid elements along with its good ones - looking at YOU, rainbow lightsaber and Weeaboo Space Amazon Empire). As for The Unity Saga, while good, it doesn't tell the story that WE want to tell. Now that brings me to the second reason - this whole "Trek vs Wars" mess? Most of it started with us. Well, not this forum, but the original Alt.StarTrek.Vs.StarWars Usenet group WAY back in 1997 (alright, if you want to get technical, it started back in 1995, with the "Who would win? The Enterprise-D or a Star Destroyer?" thread - but ASVS' founders took part in that thread). Every previously mentioned story? Their authors were members of that Usenet group, or at the very least, visited it. The "Versus" culture? Started with us. And the actions of some of our former members, for good or for ill, have even influenced the directions taken by the staff OF Star Trek and Star Wars. So if it started with us, then it's only fitting that it should end with us. So come, and prepare yourselves for a journey beyond your imagination....
  10. Okay. Drunken ramblings from RayCav. Not quite how I expected this to begin....
  11. Alright. In this match, we'll pit a Disney Canon Imperial Star Destroyer against the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. Both ships will start the fight with standard armaments, as well as full compliments of TIE Fighters and Vipers. How does this match play out?
  12. While theoretically possible, I'm not sure it's ever been done. It would require that both starships set their shields to the same frequency, but that's a fairly simple task.
  13. The reason Kira said that the Cardassian disruptor rifle was better than Starfleet's phaser rifle was due to the fact that Cardassian rifles were "solid and simple". They were easy to maintain, and you could drag them through mud, and they'd still fire.
  14. Okay, as we've seen in various Star Wars books, video games, and other media, vessels in SW often use a type of power called "solar ionization". But what IS this "solar ionization"? And how can we reconcile it with what "Solo" showed us - that SW ships tend to have fusion cores as their main power supply? Not to mention all that liquid fuel we see going into starships (which is what formed the basis of Jedi Master Spock's old "diesel fusion" theory). Well, it seems I've found a solution that could answer all these problems. Behold, CNO Fusion! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CNO_cycle
  15. Khas

    Section 31 series

    Also, if they DO make another animated series after "Lower Decks".... well, here's what I hope they do. Make it a Dominion War side-story, and have three sub-plots. Sub-plot 1 focuses on a Starfleet Fighter Squadron. Sub-plot 2, on Klingon ground troops, maybe a tank battalion or something. And Sub-plot 3 will center on a Romulan black ops team. Eventually, the three subplots converge at the final battle of the war, the Battle of Cardassia.
  16. Khas

    Section 31 series

    Eventually, we'll probably see the same things we saw with the TNG era - there will still be those who bitch and moan, while the new stuff is gradually accepted. I just hope "Lower Decks" doesn't include any 4th-wall breaking. Because the backlash against that would be enormous. But, since the head writer of Lower Decks is a huge Trekkie himself (his cat is named Riker)... we probably won't have to worry about that.
  17. Khas

    Section 31 series

    So, between this, the upcoming Picard series, and the animated comedy "Lower Decks", it looks like we've entered a new Era of Trek.
  18. Khas

    Discovery's Klingon appearance

    I guess. Though there WAS that issue with the D7....
  19. Alright, so a lot of us know that the Klingon designs in Star Trek: Discovery haven't exactly been well-liked. Ah screw it, most of the fandom despises the DSC Klingon look. Well apparently, one of the producers has offered an explanation which mitigates this somewhat. According to him, the Klingons we see are the descendants of ones who left Qo'noS a long time ago, and who began adapting to the environments of the new planets they settled on, in order to better survive conditions there. And one such trait that was evolved was the heat-sensitive pits, like snakes have. And baldness as well. If I had to guess, I'd say that these traits were originally mutations in the Klingon back-up synaptic system (yes, TNG revealed that Klingons have a back-up synaptic system). So apparently, Discovery Klingons are the equivalent of Abhumans from 40K.
  20. Khas

    Discovery's Klingon appearance

    Okay, they've finally explained at least part of the discrepancy - namely, the hairlessness. Apparently, Klingons in this era shave their heads before marching off to war. And since we see Klingons WITH hair in the Season 2 trailer (along with a bunch of other stuff that shows that they at least listened to fan complaints)... I can kinda accept this.
  21. Khas

    Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Well, since I can't think of anywhere else to post this, I'll post it here. Back in 2007/2008, I had an idea for a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover game that would play like Star Wars: Battlefront II. Now, I've decided to give this idea a second shot. Set in the Star Trek Online era for the Star Trek side, and the Original Trilogy era for the Star Wars side. Four factions - Federation, Klingon, Rebel, and Empire. There would be five classes of pilotable starfighter (Staple Fighter, Interceptor, Bomber, Raider, and Transport), eight classes of Infantry (Basic Soldier, Sniper, Heavy Weapons, Engineer, Specialist 1, Specialist 2, Specialist 3, and Pilot), and two classes of Ground Vehicle for each faction. With both land and space combat modes. Well, here are the lists for them, and (in the case of starfighters, infantry, and vehicles), their weapons. Federation - Starfighters - - Peregrine-class Fighter (Staple Fighter – Phaser Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Type-9 Shuttle (Interceptor – Phaser Emitters, Photonic Missiles) - - Delta Flyer-class Shuttle (Bomber – Phaser Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Stalker-class Stealth Fighter (Raider – Tetryon Cannons, Quantum Torpedoes) - - Danube-class Runabout (Transport – Phaser Emitters, Photon Torpedoes) - Frigates - - Excelsior-class Starship - - Akira-class Starship - - Defiant-class Starship - Flagship - - Jupiter-class Starship - Infantry - - M.A.C.O. (Basic Soldier – Phaser Rifle, Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - M.A.C.O. Sniper (Sniper – TR-116 Rifle, Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - M.A.C.O. Commando (Heavy Weapons – Isomagnetic Disintegrator, CRM-114, Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades, “Houdini” Mines) - - Starfleet Engineer (Engineer – Ion Cutter, Engineering Tricorder, Phaser Pistol, Ammo Dispenser) - - Caitian Hunter (Specialist 1 – Tetryon Rifle, Tetryon Pistol, Railgun Drone Turret, Thoron Field Generator, Photon Grenades) - - Aenar Psi-Trooper (Specialist 2 – Psionic Pulse, Phaser Pistol, Illusion Projection, Photon Grenades) - - Starfleet Medic (Specialist 3 – Medical Tricorder, Hypospray, Phaser Pistol) - - Starfleet Pilot (Pilot – Phaser Pistol, Photon Grenades) - Ground Vehicles - - Argo-class Dune Buggy (Ground Vehicle 1 – Phaser Cannon) - - Vanguard-class Phaser Tank (Ground Vehicle 2 – Heavy Phaser Cannon) Klingon - Starfighters - - To’Duj-class Fighter (Staple Fighter – Disruptor Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Toron-class Shuttle (Interceptor – Disruptor Emitters, Photonic Missiles) - - Naga-class Fighter (Bomber – Disruptor Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Stinger-class Fighter (Raider – Disruptor Cannons, Photon Torpedoes) - - Kivra-class Shuttle (Transport – Disruptor Banks, Photon Torpedoes) - Frigates - - B’Rel-class Bird-of-Prey - - K’t’inga-class Starship - - Vor’cha-class Starship - Flagship - - Vo’Quv-class Starship - Infantry - - Klingon Warrior (Basic Soldier – Disruptor Rifle, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades, Bat’leth) - - Rifleman (Sniper – Long-Range Disruptor Rifle, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - Honor Guard (Heavy Weapons – Disruptor Minigun, Tetryon Pulse Launcher, Bat’leth, Photon Grenades, Disruptor Pistol, “Houdini” Mines) - - Klingon Engineer (Engineer – Ion Cutter, Engineering Tricorder, Disruptor Pistol, Ammo Dispenser) - - Targ Handler (Specialist 1 – Disruptor Rifle, Photon Grenades, War Targ Pack) - - Orion Matron (Specialist 2 – Disruptor Pistols, Photon Grenades, Pheromones) - - Dahar Master (Specialist 3 – Disruptor Pistols, Bat’leth, Photon Grenades) - - Klingon Pilot (Pilot – Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - Ground Vehicles - - K’sal-class APC (Ground Vehicle 1 – Disruptor Turrets) - - Kang-class Disruptor Battery (Ground Vehicle 2 – Heavy Disruptor Cannon) Rebel - Starfighters - - X-Wing (Staple Fighter – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - A-Wing (Interceptor – Blaster Cannons, Concussion Missiles) - - Y-Wing (Bomber – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - B-Wing (Raider – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - U-Wing (Transport – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - Frigates - - GR75 Transport - - CR90 Corvette - - Nebulon-B Frigate - Flagship - - MC80 Mon Cal Cruiser - Infantry - - Rebel Trooper (Basic Soldier – Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Rebel Marksman (Sniper – E-17d Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Rebel Vanguard (Heavy Weapons – HH-15 Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators, 3HX3 Mines) - - Smuggler (Engineer – Blaster Cannon, Fusion Cutter, Detpack, Ammo Dispenser) - - Bothan Spy (Specialist 1 – Incinerator Rifle, Stealth Field Generator, Regenerating Health, Blaster Pistol, TB-47 Time Bomb) - - Wookiee Warrior (Specialist 2 – Wookiee Bowcaster, HH-4 Grenade Launcher, Thermal Detonators, Mark IV Recon Droid) - - Droideka (Specialist 3 – Twin-Linked Blaster Cannons, Deflector Shield Generator) - - Rebel Pilot (Pilot – Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - Ground Vehicles - - Snowspeeder (Ground Vehicle 1 – Twin Blaster Cannons) - - AAC-1 Hover Tank (Ground Vehicle 2 – Multiple Rocket Launchers) Empire - Starfighters - - TIE Fighter (Staple Fighter – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - TIE Interceptor (Interceptor – Blaster Cannons, Concussion Missiles) - - TIE Bomber (Bomber – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - - TIE Defender (Raider – Laser Cannons, Concussion Missiles) - - Lambda-class Shuttle (Transport – Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes) - Frigates - - Arquitens-class Light Cruiser - - Gozanti-class Cruiser - - Victory-class Star Destroyer - Flagship - - Imperial-class Star Destroyer - Infantry - - Stormtrooper (Basic Soldier – Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Scout Trooper (Sniper – E-11 Sniper Rifle, Repeating Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - - Shock Trooper (Heavy Weapons – PTL Rocket Launcher, Repeating Blaster, Thermal Detonators, KE-6b Mines) - - Imperial Engineer (Engineer – Blast Cannon, Fusion Cutter, Detpack, Ammo Dispenser) - - Imperial Officer (Specialist 1 – Sonic Blaster, V-6d Mortar Launcher, Rage, Mark IV Recon Droid, Thermal Detonators) - - Death Trooper (Specialist 2 – Heavy Blaster Rifle, Light Repeating Blaster, Fragmentation Grenades) - - Enforcer Droid (Specialist 3 – Heavy Blaster Rifle, Computer Interface Arm, Thermal Detonators) - - Imperial Pilot (Pilot – Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators) - Ground Vehicles - - AT-ST (Ground Vehicle 1 – Twin Blaster Cannons) - - AT-AT (Ground Vehicle 2 – 2 Heavy Blaster Cannons, 2 Triple Blaster Cannons) Unlike Battlefront II, however, you would get to pick both who you were playing as AND who your enemy was. So, you wouldn't necessarily have Federation-vs-Klingon or Rebel-vs-Empire matches. There could also be 2-vs-2 matches, 3-vs-3, or even 4-vs-4. So, hypothetically, you could have a Federation/Klingon/Rebel/Empire tag-team fighting another Federation/Klingon/Rebel/Empire tag-team. However, there would be one mode different from Battlefront. Survival Mode. In this mode, after you chose your faction and class (for ground combat, in space, you'd just choose your faction), you'd find yourself as part of a joint Federation/Klingon/Rebel/Imperial task force, or rather, what was left of one. Seems most of your army or fleet was wiped out by either the Borg or Species 8472, and now, whoever's left has to survive the onslaught. These "Survival" matches will be set at creepy places like Mustafar, Dathomir, Dagobah, or Empok Nor. So, yes, imagine fighting the Borg or Species 8472 at any of those places (especially Mustafar) while music like the following plays:
  22. Khas

    Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Bump. I just put together a fifth faction for this - the Romulans. Romulan - Starfighters - - Scorpion-class Fighter (Staple Figher - Disruptors, Plasma Torpedoes) - - Deferi Shuttle (Interceptor - Phasers, Photonic Missiles) - - Lanora-class Scout Ship (Bomber - Disruptors, Plasma Torpedoes) - - Tiercel-class Shuttle (Raider - Disruptors, Plasma Torpedoes) - - Kestrel-class Runabout (Transport - Disruptors, Plasma Torpedoes) - Frigates - - T'Varo-class Bird-of-Prey - - Ar'Kif-class Warbird - - Mogai-class Warbird - Flagship - - D'Deridex-class Warbird - Infantry - - Romulan Soldier (Basic Infantry -- Disruptor Rifle, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - Romulan Sniper (Sniper -- Long Range Disruptor Rifle, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - Centurion (Heavy Weapons -- CRM 114, Plasma Assault Minigun, Plasma Flamethrower, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades, Cloaked Mines) - - Romulan Technician (Engineer -- Ion Cutter, Engineering Tricorder, Plasma Pistol, Ammo Dispenser) - - Reman Guard (Specialist 1 -- Split-Beam Disruptor Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Stealth Generator, Photon Grenades) - - Shadow Guard (Specialist 2 -- Psionic Pulse, Telekinesis, Mind Drain, Disruptor Pistol, Photon Grenades) - - Romulan Scientist (Specialist 3 -- Stasis Field Generator, Disruptor Pistol) - - Romulan Pilot (Pilot -- Plasma Pistol, Photon Grenades) - Ground Vehicles - - Bloodwolf-class APC (Ground Vehicle 1 - Disruptor Turret) - - DragonWraith-class Cloaking Tank (Ground Vehicle 2 - Heavy Disruptor Turret)
  23. Are you asking if starships can make their deflector shields overlap with those of other starships?
  24. Khas

    Discovery's Klingon appearance

    Oh, and there's some canon stuff to support this theory, too. First, take a look at a "normal" Klingon - specifically, the Klingon Ambassador in the 2280's/2290's: Now, here's a "Discovery" Klingon - specifically, T'Kumva: Now, here's the Klingon captain from "Into Darkness": If you notice, the Klingon captain's features are somewhere between the other two, suggesting that he might be a hybrid of the two different Klingon subspecies. And while "Into Darkness" DOES take place in the Kelvin universe, as opposed to the Prime, the Klingon captain's age would suggest that he was born BEFORE the two realities diverged.