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    Why are you reading my fucking biography on ASVS? Do you truly have no life? Nope. I guess not. Sucks for you. HA!
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    Why the HELL would I tell you that? Mother fucker.
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    Star War s and Star Trek. DUH!
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    I fucked your mom. No seriously, go ask her about it.

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  1. Airlocke

    Capture the Flag, Round 4

    Has to be the Cylons, right? It is always the fucking Cylons.
  2. No. He's turned on by gigantic Angel fighting robots. I was going to make some kind of "-phile" joke, but I am not sure what would be appropriate. Fucked-up-ophile?
  3. He wants to be the very best Like no one ever saw Baffling them is his real test To troll them is his cause He will travel across the net Searching far and wide With warsies he will contest Surrounded on all sides Star Wars Fans, (gotta troll them all) its him and me I know its my destiny Star Wars Fans, oh, you'll fight to the end Its a fight to lose, you are destined
  4. With no powers combine.......You are Captain Jason!
  5. Airlocke

    Care bears verse the Predator verse Aliens

    And Airlocke eats the cotton candy. Yes.
  6. I will be a pilot, as long as I get a concubine. It is a package deal.
  7. I pick the Night Elves, as long as Tyrande can be my concubine.
  8. Airlocke


  9. Airlocke


    Don't DO that. It confuses the HELL out of people.
  10. Airlocke

    TeamVirgin vs TeamDrySpell

    Team Dry Spell is worse. OH GOD is it worse.
  11. Airlocke

    Spacebattles is Fracturing

    Lemme know what you register as so I can keep track of the chaos!
  12. Airlocke

    Spacebattles is Fracturing

  13. Airlocke

    Spacebattles is Fracturing

    Possible. Back up now. Damn, Spacebattles is one hellish beast. No matter what server or software is used, no matter what we call ourselves, we seem to fuck everything up. hahahaha
  14. Airlocke

    Spacebattles is Fracturing

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnd down goes Sufficient Velocity! 503 Service UnavailableOur apologies for the temporary inconvenience. An unexpected errorduring post migration has caused issues. No data has been lost.