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  2. First thing take into account real only get see small part of the battle of Klendathu argument three possible reasons why did not see them FIrst the bugs took out. Second it was longer campaign special force might been top priority to save defense lines could moved order to save with cover fire which is most likely take into account Rico was not killed and with out help he should have one could argue main star that rule is the main star never died . Third possible of course is there was none and that Rico survival because was main star. I say most likely second that they did have combat forces that were used to act as cover fire retreat force and special force were give top priority
  3. My theory in general why normal Starfleet personal did not wear armor or us personal force fields has do most time real risk of mission Starfleet officers face. Unless on Star Terk TV shows your like kill follow crew member hand phaser setting to high level because body armor or personal force field then you are hit by enengry base weapon. Also advance able move faster in general. Last reason have to do simple effective are personal force fields or body armor. Two security officer we saw Nor batte to the strong were at least knock out possible killed. The borg are only able adapt to phaser setting and higher the setting the harder time have adapt to it. Of course this does not go into Federation peace keeping force. In the alternate reality, Christopher Pike described the United Federation of Planets to James T. Kirk as a peace-keeping and humanitarian armada in 2255. (Star Trek) . All likelihood use both ground personal and Federation navy portal and starships. Here the link https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Armada
  4. We know some Rebel ships escape the battle at Scarff. No reason per say Leia send message Rebel Base that they the Death star plans but, Milliennium Falcon likely bug. Give Han Sola have the ship carry money Han Sola and just go.Study details of Death star at Yavin IV.Were likely found less costly plan to destroy the Death star rather losing get number their best pilots. In practice the Death star had many weakness if battle Scarif questionable justified after all the thermal exhaust port was only one many weakness it biggest weakness factor depend X-9 heavy turbolaser battery and ship size Millennium Falcon fly right in. You could fit something like X-9 heavy Turblaser on ship even smaller Millennium Falcon with the Rebel able to make makeshift. Rebel Fleet attack in that way it like per say destroy this does even go into in theory commandos. This weakness Rebel found about relative early. This also beside point main question why did Millennium Falcon not drop Rebel on Rebel ship.
  5. Here me out. We only get to see MACO us scaner twice once rescue Hoshi Sato. Second investigating a pirating attack. Know have see MACO place demolish charges in ENT: "The Shipment" This hardly mean that MACO training could allow us the scaner effect need help make Xindi super weapon go boom. Archer need to us scaner before put charges in place. Possible he try and fail to become tactic officer which train use scaner or tircord to put charge to right setting cause maximum damage. Starfleet might will said sorry we can make Caption but, you do have what take to tactic officer. Talk about reason for him to anger with United Federation of planets.
  6. So apparently a couple of new-canon books now claim the light ball turrets on AT-TE and AT-DP combat walkers are "heavy laser cannons". "Maad 21 heavy laser cannon" and "maad 38 heavy laser cannon" respectively. What were the writers thinking? This initially makes no sense though I come up with a possible solution later on below. The cross-sections classification as anti-personnel cannons makes sense, as they're powerful enough to destroy heavy infantry like droidekas, produce blasts with limited casualty radii or to inundate light-armoured vehicles. In the Rebels TV show, the AT-DP cannon requires multiple direct hits to overwhelm the armour of a fellow AT-DP. They can't penetrate the armour in "one-shot". The AT-DP cannon also couldn't penetrate the front armour of an RTT (Recon Troop Transport) even with multiple direct hits. This is despite what Piers Roddance claimed about "a single shot penetrating medium armour". I have never seen the AT-TE light guns destroy a medium tank. On a STAR WARS battlefield these are the 'light guns' so "maad heavy laser cannon" is misleading terminology, to say the least. Even the sponson-guns on an AT-AT which dwarf these ball turrets are considered "medium" weight cannons. Sources Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide Star Wars: Rogue One: AT-ACT Deluxe Book and 3D Wood Model´╗┐ A semantical attempt to make sense of "maad heavy laser cannons" "maad" = "Manned-Anti-Assembly-Defense" ? Assembly in this sense refers to groups of enemy personnel & light-armoured vehicles. Anti-personnel weapons are often considered "defensive" systems on armoured vehicles, like point-defence. A "heavy" anti-personnel laser cannon, as opposed to a "light" anti-personnel cannon, retains some effectiveness against light-armoured vehicles, can produce blasts with a casualty radius & can easily destroy the heaviest infantry including shielded droidekas with a single shot. Light-anti-personnel laser cannons might still produce limited casualty radius but are ineffective against light-armoured-vehicles, they are more akin to a personal infantry blaster set to full-power (like a light-repeater, and an example might be the concealable blaster on Poe Dameron's X-wing). But using the light vs heavy laser cannon terminology for anti-personnel cannons is extremely misleading when the term anti-personnel is omitted, as they are all "light guns" in contrast to true "medium" & "heavy" anti-tank guns or artillery. Light-through to heavy anti-personnel laser cannons are equivalent to real-world ballistic autocannons as opposed to full-scale tank guns or artillery.
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