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  2. Jason

    Why MACO armed with a stun baton

    I have problem thoery First why stander Starfleet security not armed stun baton. Again hand phaser can be lethal close range. Second it fail explain why United Earth would give MACO stun baton stand equipment. With no way turn it ieven into lethal weapon. My theory that MACO closer to anti terror special forces. Were for political reason they often did not use lethal force.
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  4. IkaikaKekai

    Why MACO armed with a stun baton

    A gun/phaser isn't always easy to handle, especially at very close range. Not to mention that they probably don't have their phasers set to stun all the time, grabbing a stun baton and whacking/jabbing someone with the business end would be easier/more sure than trying to draw a phaser, hopefully aim it in the right direction, and pull the trigger, hopefully not getting any kind of 'splash back' from being that close to your target.
  5. For soldiers they carry at least one piece of equipment completely none lethal. While I have theory own I my interests your theories.
  6. Enigma do even read what I write. What I saying is that because many different races that UFP face design general issue one design effective against multi different types armor.. Be jack of all trades as you put good general issue one.
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  8. Maybe you right about Andorian Imperial ´╗┐Guard. Advanced Interstellar Combat class might more tradition part of their education even I am wondering why Starfleet officers be take that course. I expect something more like advance hand to hand combat training for Federation security or something like that. Acting political correct say only culture exchange or something like that. Then again for all we know she want though advance hand to hand combat training.
  9. If the Andorian Imperial Guard still exists, it's likely Andoria's equivalent of a Planetary Defense Force from 40K. And as Star Trek Online shows, Andorian (along with Vulcan and Caitian) starships are being recruited into Starfleet service, so... this is the most likely case.
  10. Strong evidnece Andion Imperail guard still existed into at least 23 century. First Laikan Military Academy which could only mean two things first most like fact be on Andorian could mean the Andrioan Imperail guard still existed. Only other possible is Starfleet has other militery agencies in it ranks. You can do have pick poison. Fact also foriegn studies also is evidnece Andorian Imperail guard. Here site get from https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Laikan_Military_Academy
  11. You know Star Trek TNG heart of glory Klingion warrior took about three shots bring him down. WOlf hand phaser had the Kligion warrior fall to his death rather kill him out right. Now yes we get see phaser seem though one end and out other however that does suggestion did not break though Kligoon armor. So evidence Klingion armor provide some limit protect against hand phaser. Why UFP officers were combat uniform other would not two possible answer. First Starfleet special breach of Starfleet security design handle group like Orion Syndicate. Again Orion Syndicate question what kind weapons or powerful were normal. Again armor might will powerful effective against type one and type two hand phasers. Second possible Starfleet lot more militarize during TOS the Federation had personal train to handle mortars Kirk even advices that advice against fire it such closer range Kirk decide take risk anyway TOS area. In TNG did have specialist like this at least it hard to say. Caption Pircard was Caption view Starfleet none military agency. The Caption in Chain of command 1 and 2 turn USS Enterprise D into warship against wish most of his crew. Sisko is one no idea how view Starfleet and he might been before DS9 involded any combat period. Now having specialist to use some kinds weapons does not mean Starfleet had real call foot soldiers.
  12. Alright, since the starship database is compiled and uploaded, I'll handle the next step - the weapons of this universe, and how they work. Energy/Beam Weapons: Phasers: Trek Wars Weapons - Phasers.docx Turbolasers: Trek Wars Weapons - Turbolasers.docx Disruptors: Trek Wars Weapons - Disruptors.docx Ion Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Ion Cannons.docx Phased Polaron Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Phased Polaron Cannons.docx Tetryon Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Tetryon Cannons.docx Plasma Cannons: Trek Wars Weapons - Plasma Cannons.docx Explosive Weapons: Photon Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Photon Torpedoes.docx Proton Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Proton Torpedoes.docx Quantum Torpedoes: Trek Wars Weapons - Quantum Torpedoes.docx Concussion Missiles: Trek Wars Weapons - Concussion Missiles.docx Tricobalt Warheads: Trek Wars Weapons - Tricobalt Warheads.docx Misc. Weapons: Other: Trek Wars Weapons - Other.docx
  13. Again with the hand to disruptor fighting. Starfleet security officer "I SHALL DEFEAT YOU WITH MY KIRK-FU CHOP!" Gets disintegrated by a Klingon firing his disruptor. *BZZZORT!* BALLS!!!
  14. *sighs* This is gonna be "Yesterday's Enterprise 2: Electric Boogaloo", isn't it?
  15. Opposed Federation armor meant Kligion energy weapon use higher setting Federation complain about Kligion going hand to hand combat Starfleet officer were armor make poor Kligion set weapon higher setting.
  16. Alright, here are the documents showing which faction has which classes of starship in the planned "Grand Story". Maybe if we're lucky, someone can compile all of these into a wiki or something. Alright, by faction: First, the "Hero" factions: United Federation of Planets: Trek Wars Fleets - Federation.docx Klingon Empire: Trek Wars Fleets - Klingon.docx Romulan Republic: Trek Wars Fleets - Romulan.docx Dominion: Trek Wars Fleets - Dominion.docx New Republic: Trek Wars Fleets - New Republic.docx Resistance: Trek Wars Fleets - Resistance.docx Cardassian Union: Trek Wars Fleets - Cardassian.docx Ferengi Alliance: Trek Wars Fleets - Ferengi.docx Borg Cooperative: Trek Wars Fleets - Free Borg.docx Chiss Ascendancy: Trek Wars Fleets - Chiss.docx Hapes Consortium: Trek Wars Fleets - Hapan.docx Next, the "Villain" factions: First Order: Trek Wars Fleets - First Order.docx Tal Shiar: Trek Wars Fleets - Tal Shiar.docx True Way Alliance: Trek Wars Fleets - True Way.docx Borg Collective: Trek Wars Fleets - Borg.docx Yuuzhan Vong Empire: Trek Wars Fleets - Yuuzhan Vong.docx And finally, the "Neutral" factions: Breen Confederacy: Trek Wars Fleets - Breen.docx Tholian Assembly: Trek Wars Fleets - Tholian.docx Tzenkethi Coalition: Trek Wars Fleets - Tzenkethi.docx Corporate Sector Authority: Trek Wars Fleets - Corporate Sector.docx Civilian: Trek Wars Fleets - Civilian.docx
  17. They can't complain if they're being disintegrated. Never bring fists to a gun fight. Also......... BALLS!
  18. Do even read what I write or just make statement. I mean in practice let say all that hand to hand combat that Starfleet personal complain about had do the Kligion over setting disrupters.
  19. BALLS! Also, chatbox no workie!
  20. Okay. Drunken ramblings from RayCav. Not quite how I expected this to begin....
  21. Commander RayCav

    Welcome to the ASVS Grand Story Forum!

    Once upon a time Rey and Dala were watching Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel and got so turned on by all the naked chicks on that show that they immediately started having lesbian sex. Did you know that George Lucas always intended Dala and Rey to be lesbians? P.S. I'm drunk Oh I forgot once upon a time there was one of those really big stupid First Order ships from the new stupid idiot Disney canon - what do they call them a Finalizer or a Supremacy or something - it's Disney so it's guaranteed stupid. Anyway, it was crewed entirely 100% by women. And this ship never entered combat because the entire crew was too busy having super hot lesbian sex with each other. This is literally how the new Disney canon should be. I for one admire the attempt to make Star Wars more feminist, but Disney, being Disney, really fucked it up. Disney Star Wars isn't feminist, it's feminist only if you accept it being an interpretation of feminism by Micheal Pence. P.S. I'm still drunk. P.P.S. I'm pretty sure Dala is objectively the hottest Star Wars chick ever if you disagree fight me. I'm a fucking Commander I'll blast your ass.
  22. Greetings! Welcome to the beginning of the ASVS Grand Story forum! Now, you may be asking, "What the flying fuck is the ASVS Grand Story?". I'll tell you! The ASVS Grand Story is something that's been brewing in my brain for a few years now, and which Tyralak and I (and a few others) have talked about - a collaborative Star Trek/Star Wars crossover story, one that, hopefully, will become the definitive one - the one that, when people hear "Star Trek/Star Wars crossover fanfic", will cause THIS story to come to their minds. "But Khas?" I hear you say. "Star Trek/Star Wars crossovers are already common! Why, we already have 'Portal' and 'Conquest', not to mention 'The Unity Saga', and the late 'TrekWars: The Furry Conflict! Why do we need another?" Answer? Because Portal and Conquest are Godawful stomp fics, and, as was mentioned, TrekWars: The Furry Conflict no longer exists (and when it did, had a few REALLY stupid elements along with its good ones - looking at YOU, rainbow lightsaber and Weeaboo Space Amazon Empire). As for The Unity Saga, while good, it doesn't tell the story that WE want to tell. Now that brings me to the second reason - this whole "Trek vs Wars" mess? Most of it started with us. Well, not this forum, but the original Alt.StarTrek.Vs.StarWars Usenet group WAY back in 1997 (alright, if you want to get technical, it started back in 1995, with the "Who would win? The Enterprise-D or a Star Destroyer?" thread - but ASVS' founders took part in that thread). Every previously mentioned story? Their authors were members of that Usenet group, or at the very least, visited it. The "Versus" culture? Started with us. And the actions of some of our former members, for good or for ill, have even influenced the directions taken by the staff OF Star Trek and Star Wars. So if it started with us, then it's only fitting that it should end with us. So come, and prepare yourselves for a journey beyond your imagination....
  23. I think that answer to why fleet fight in close range so that other starship extend shields do not back them up. Since we know UFP starship much long range comes weapons.
  24. Alright. In this match, we'll pit a Disney Canon Imperial Star Destroyer against the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. Both ships will start the fight with standard armaments, as well as full compliments of TIE Fighters and Vipers. How does this match play out?
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