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  1. Praeothmin

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Haven't seen it, but I do like the way Pike is portrayed in Discovery, so I'm sure I'd like it too... But I already have so many streaming channels, I am NOT going to splurge for Paramount +... I need 78 hour days, damnit... 😛
  2. Praeothmin

    Solar Ionization.... what is it?

    Nope, it's PP fusion...
  3. Praeothmin

    RIP Stephen Hawking

    .............................................................. What? Khas asked for a moment of silence, I can't just replay with words...
  4. Praeothmin

    Rainbow Lightsaber vs. Orange Star

    I stop you right there Khas! As a big fan of skittles, I have nothing against a rainbow coloured light sabre... 😝
  5. Praeothmin

    The Yuuzhan Vong in TCW

    Although I am a big fan of Salvatore, I am not a big fan of theYuuzan Vong... I don’t know why exactly, just that I never warmed up to them...
  6. Praeothmin

    In defense of TDiC

    At SFJ.net, JediMasterSpock did a rough analysis and calculation of the Voyager impact: From JMS at SFJ: For a variety of reasons, it is best to model neglecting any inertial dampening first, and see what exactly we are dealing with. Assume that the biobeam is hitting an inert object, and that Voyager does not begin to stabilize until after the initial shot. I would take Voyager as a uniform 150x50x341m ellipsoid (it isn't, of course, but we're ballparking here.) This gives our moment of inertia as 3.5-19.4 x 10^12 kg m^2 depending on axis of rotation. 2/3 of one rotation is roughly 2 radians per second, meaning that we have a rotational energy of 7-41 terajoules and an angular momentum of 7-41 x10^12 kg m^2/s. Exactly what that means in terms of beam energy is in turn dependent on both what the beam is composed of, where it impacted, whether the beam was reflected or absorbed, and at what angle the beam impacted (and, if reflected, what angle(s) it was reflected at). It is highly sensitive to all of those figures, adjusting further by several orders of magnitude depending on these parameters. For example, if the beam was comprised of photons, flipped Voyager nose-over-tail (i.e., about a line drawn through the front of the nacelles), and impacted ~41 meters from the center at a perpendicular angle, my napkin says "3e20 J," which should be right if I haven't made any silly mistakes, the equivalent of about 71 gigatons Go here: You'll find interesting effects. Most of the times, the Phaser fire passes right through enemy ships without even slowing, or apparently losing any strength. Now, on SDN, when it happened with asteroids, they used this to mean that the actual power of the beam was more then the required amount of power necessary to "vaporize" said asteroid. Well, since we know that Hand phasers in ST can heat metals over 2000 degrees Celcius (Nuranium), and that Hand Phasers cannot destroy Capital ships, then that means that to go through a starship hull, you'd need a lot of energy, and even more if your beam goes through without losing any strength. Also, at around 3:10, you'll notice the two Miranda vessels accompanying the Defiant. The first one get destroyed when a torpedo impacts it and makes it spin, while the second one is hit by Phaser or Cardassian beams and the beam has a similar effect. It first passes through, and in turn eventually starts spinning the Miranda. Battle of Chin'Toka, First In this clip we see one torpedo impart angular momentum to one of the Cardassian defense platforms. Scaling grossly from the clip, these platforms are at least 3/4 of the Defiant's length, so around 80 to 100 meters, depending on which Defiant's scaling you use. They probably mass half as much, so in order to impart angular momentum, you probably need triple digit Megatons, or single digit Gigaton. At 1:03, we see a Platform beam hit the Defiant, and once again impart angular momentum. Second Battle of Chin'Toka At 1:36, a pair of Quantum torpedoes hit a Breen vessel ( I believe they are around 300 meters long, so they could be equal in mass to Voyager, about 700 000 metric tons) and, again, impart angular momentum. All these battles have shown us varying firepower (which is normal because we know canonically of the variable yields of ST weapons). From what I've seen, I'm confident that these battles show firepowers ranging from low Megatons to low Gigatons.
  7. Praeothmin

    In defense of TDiC

    I know this has been "dormant" in quite a while, but I just wanted to add a bit of information... The defenders of the GT Turbolasers in SW often use the MF's angular motion after a TL hit (hit that clearly came from the top of the ISD, thus a HTL) as proof that HTLs are in the GT, yet they willingly ignore at least two similar examples for Star Trek... In ST Voyager "Scorpion", species 8472 hits Voyager with a Biobeam while Voyager is running away at impulse (thus, no warp fields, thus no mass lightening, so VG is 700 000 metric tons)... The hit spins Voyager almost two full rotations before the ship can retake control and stabilize, and the hit took VG's shields down only to 82% from a direct hit: If the MF hit with a massless beam equals single digit GT, imagine what king of power this one had... In ST IV: TUC, a Klingon BoP gets hit by a TOS Photon Torpedo, and lo and behold (starting at 5:23): The hits clearly impart angular momentum to the BoP, a 110 meter long, most likely over 100 000 metric tons if the older E-Nil from TOS was 300 000 metric tons... Again, these show high powered weapons in ST... Oh, and the BoP model that needed at least 5 of these torpedoes to destroy it? Got killed with one in ST:Generations but the E-D (at 1:50): If you add the explosions that are visible from orbit in TNG's "Skin of Evil" and you have highly powerful weapons for ST, and even if all the wanktastic calculations from SW were accepted, ST would still not be a pushover...
  8. Praeothmin

    Hardware Wars

  9. Praeothmin

    4-way dogfight

    And all of Rogue One’s land-based attacks, as the shots that destroyed Tie fighters or X-Wings in atmosphere on Scariff or Wobani, were not even close to be a Ton, much less a KT shot... Funny thing is we see an AT-ST in Rogue One firing in a city with slightly more powerful shots than in RoTJ, so we can also think that starfighter weapons have equivalent weapons in all other movies... Since TFA, RO, and TLJ all show us subton shots from fighters, even against each other, we can rule out KT level weaponry, and find an explanation for the apparent MT shot tanked by the MF in ESB, or treat it as an outlier... Hell, even in TPM, we see Anakin fire the Naboo starfighter weapons in an atmosphere to decidedly subton shots, yet KT firepower will still be argued by Seafort... Speaking of outliers, the GJ shot is not the norm, as in the first encounter with the Jem Hadar, when polaron beams went through shields easily, the two runabouts took unshielded hits from the same weapons that damaged the Odissey, and they did not get destroyed immediately: So again, the Runabout eats the Tie Defender alive and spits out the remains...
  10. Praeothmin

    4-way dogfight

    Yeah, should have replaced « tangle » by « can hang in there for a little while »... By the way, where in Battle Lines is the weapons fire started to be GJ, and will we ignore that fighters in SW can be damaged by handheld weapons? The Runabout still takes on the Defender and destroys it rather easily...
  11. Praeothmin

    4-way dogfight

    I don’t know about the last two, but the Runabout can tangle one on one with ST Capships, so it creams the Tie Defender...
  12. Praeothmin

    50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    They could also ram the Tie fighters, and we know from TNG that, on a Galaxy class at least, Phasers can fire in quick succession against many small targets, but 50 is too much if we accept KT weapons for the Ties... Now, if the yields were like in the movies, meaning sub KT, then the Oberth wins this...
  13. Praeothmin

    50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    I have to agree, when Ties get hit with the self-exploding asteroids in ESB, there is what could be taken as a shield glow from the Ties that get hit... I would say the Ties’ shields are probably weaker than the X-Wing shields, but they seem to be there...
  14. Praeothmin

    50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    Yeah, I agree with Seafort, as in ANH, the Falcon was indeed getting rocked and in danger of losing its shields after a bit more than a dozen Tie Fighter shots... Since we know as per ESB that the Falcon can take MT shots, we thus know that every Tie fighter fires at least multi-KT shots (never shown in TFA or TLJ, or even any other movie where fighters attack in atmosphere, but I digress), so even though it took a MT cannon shot from Kruge’s BoP, 50 Tie fighters are too much and they will kill the “as maneuverable as a brick” Oberth...