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  1. Commander RayCav

    Welcome to the ASVS Grand Story Forum!

    Once upon a time Rey and Dala were watching Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel and got so turned on by all the naked chicks on that show that they immediately started having lesbian sex. Did you know that George Lucas always intended Dala and Rey to be lesbians? P.S. I'm drunk Oh I forgot once upon a time there was one of those really big stupid First Order ships from the new stupid idiot Disney canon - what do they call them a Finalizer or a Supremacy or something - it's Disney so it's guaranteed stupid. Anyway, it was crewed entirely 100% by women. And this ship never entered combat because the entire crew was too busy having super hot lesbian sex with each other. This is literally how the new Disney canon should be. I for one admire the attempt to make Star Wars more feminist, but Disney, being Disney, really fucked it up. Disney Star Wars isn't feminist, it's feminist only if you accept it being an interpretation of feminism by Micheal Pence. P.S. I'm still drunk. P.P.S. I'm pretty sure Dala is objectively the hottest Star Wars chick ever if you disagree fight me. I'm a fucking Commander I'll blast your ass.
  2. Commander RayCav

    ...what the fuck happened here?

    Yeah what the title says.
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