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  1. Courier Six

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Having GoMovie'd uhhhh, 'watched'... the first two seasons... there are exactly three characters on the series who aren't absurdly juvenile: Pike, his girlfriend Captain What's-Her-Tits, and M'Benga. Every other character, including SNW's version of Spock, is straight out of a CW show. Seriously, I keep expecting Grant Gustin to show up and burst into tears and then act like an asshole in an episode bursting at the seams with absurd contrivances. Which would differ from 99% of the rest of the episodes only due to the appearance by Grant Gustin.
  2. I would postulate that that third nacelle on the Refit-D is actually two nacelles in one housing.
  3. Courier Six


    Who, Susie? Susie is a filthy whorebot. This is Known. :yes:
  4. Also testing. Test passed.
  5. Courier Six

    Just in case you thought I was kidding

    I farted.
  6. Courier Six

    Favorite "real life" firearm.

    Yeah, they did. The HK336 is basically the HK416 in .300 Blackout/Whisper. HK337 is the .300-ified HK417, probably goes without saying... but I said it anyway.
  7. Courier Six

    Favorite "real life" firearm.

    Mad Pig Customs "Thumper" V2. If you have to shoot somebody, it's better to only have to shoot 'em once.
  8. Courier Six

    Discovery's Klingon appearance

    The "charcoal space cactus"? lol
  9. Courier Six

    Discovery's Klingon appearance

    I think of Discovery like this: Kurtzman had no interest in making Star Trek. He wanted to make something vaguely like Star Trek, but just cherry picking the ideas from it that he liked and discarding... basically everything else. That's what Discovery is. It's got the nameplate on it, it uses names of species and characters from Star Trek. It is not, and never was, intended to actually be Star Trek. They put the nameplate on it in order to have a pre-built audience, because they knew that without the nameplate, nobody would watch it, much less defend it against criticism. It's the same thing we got with Enterprise. Berman & Braga wanted to do an almost entirely personal take on the Star Trek continuity, without much interest in or respect for the pre-existing continuity. That's why we had Romu-Vulcans, etc. Eventually, when they saw that their bait-and-switch cost them fans, and under pressure from Paramount to get their shit together, some course corrections started to happen: 'Star Trek' was added to the series marquee, T'Pol's eyebrows went from human to Vulcan, and in Season 4, Manny Coto swooped in and finally turned Enterprise, properly, into the prequel it had originally been hyped as. I doubt that KurtzmanTrek is going to get a writer/showrunner like Manny Coto who will come in and actually merge it with the larger franchise continuity, however, especially now that KurtzmanTrek basically has its own distinct continuity.
  10. Courier Six

    Hi Blackfoot/CeeJay

    Well, he's not here, so I have no further interest in devoting keystrokes or bandwidth to him here.
  11. Courier Six

    Hi Blackfoot/CeeJay

    Yeah, he thinks if he pretends to be an existing member, he can get an admin to ban that member. And if he thinks it works like that, he's a fucking retard. Of course, he also insists that I'm not a member here. 😃 Howdy! Dang! 🤠
  12. Courier Six

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    It's not as intolerable as the rest of the KurtzmanTrek trash. But that's not exactly a real high bar.
  13. I came here to chew bubblegum, and kick ass. And I'm... oh. Actually got quite a lot more bubblegum than I thought I had.
  14. Courier Six


    Susie? Susie Creamcheese? This is the voice of your conscience, babe, just wanted to check in with ya on a little somethin'... Susie... What's got into ya, honey?
  15. Courier Six

    Thrawn is Blue