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  1. jack

    Hi Blackfoot/CeeJay

    Howdy Courier Six! Yeah, what a shit level troll Blackfoot's trying to pull. Not going to work. Good to see you here!.
  2. jack

    Thrawn is Blue

  3. jack

    I like this forum

    Awesome! I think Aque's here too? Who else?
  4. jack

    RIP Dual

    The tribute at TK has been thorough. He will truly be missed.
  5. jack

    I like this forum

    So I'm gonna start posting here. Thanks Tyralak for helping me get back in. I'm weaning myself off of TK so you'll be seeing me a little more than say 1ce in the last 3 years Give me some love. Who's who?
  6. jack

    Dork Pickle's b-board!

    Well, occasionally it happenas
  7. jack

    Hey Gank Master

    Fuck you in the neck, asshat. Deeply and repeatedly. You will always be pwned by me.
  8. jack

    Troll Kingdumb is for the birds!

    Pretty funny. I have some inside info about how Gagh feels about me, also. The truth is, just don't "break the rules" and you can do whatever you like. Take my "lets kiss Gagh's ass" thread in SF. Just watch how I torment him with that, and watch how he is unable to really do anything about it without "compromising" his admin position. I'm also going to start a "big ear" thread.
  9. jack

    Blackfoot Hyperboard

    Oh my, some idiot decides to try to troll me here too? Gank master, let me clue you in to something. Any time any of you make reference to me, my successful troll is completely successful. I have always owned blackfoot, and i will continue to do so, now and LONG AFTER YOU ARE GONE
  10. jack

    TK seems to have VANISHED!

    After about 9am yesterday, I have been unable to logon. I just get a search screen. Anyone else experiencing that?
  11. jack


    Um no. I actually knew, hence the comment. The deal went down three weeks ago, the final transfer took place when the cafepress redirect came up earlier this morning. It always takes up to 24 hours for the new pointers to take effect from the DNS...the WHOIS is updated immediately, but it can take awhile for the new servers to resolve. Menty has good access, and he should lead the board in it's proper direction (finally) Just like CU/Darth. You'll notice Darth is busy calling me crazy, but he's been "CU" this go around. The REAL CU won't be online for at least another 18 months. (something else I know for a fact that no one else seems to) Cow however, is an anomaly. I know he and his breeder bitch are either splitting up, or about to, what he's doing crawling back yet again acting like he's part of something is anyone's guess. He can't let go, and his online persona makes mine look, well reasonable lol. I like your board btw...I hope it's ok to continue poking around from time to time. Be aware that my departure from TK is very real, hence my last post. I wish Mentalist the best in his new venture. Lord knows he's going to need all the help he can get.
  12. jack


    Actually, if you read my farewell post in Daycare, you'll see the reference I made to that a few days ago. LOLOL
  13. jack

    When did TK become so soft?

    Thanks, that's what I thought. he's completely gone He and Cow are a lot alike, except Cow spells better and is a queeb instead of a "person of color" LOL But Cow gets it wrong much worse than Charles ever did. Just my opinion of course, but reading his shit over three boards now has me convinced it's either NOT the "real" Cow (whatever that means) or he's just so full of this need for "revenge" that he's lost it. Check this out http://sdg3.com/badlands/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=206 Too freaking funny. Who knew that I'd get under his skin without even trolling him? How sweet is that, anyway?
  14. jack

    When did TK become so soft?

    Speaking of hopeless cases, Dirk, do you have access to Charles' board still? I'm curious about one thread in particular and he has the whole place in lockdown.