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  1. Again with the hand to disruptor fighting. Starfleet security officer "I SHALL DEFEAT YOU WITH MY KIRK-FU CHOP!" Gets disintegrated by a Klingon firing his disruptor. *BZZZORT!* BALLS!!!
  2. They can't complain if they're being disintegrated. Never bring fists to a gun fight. Also......... BALLS!
  3. BALLS! Also, chatbox no workie!
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  5. enigma

    Data & Picard by Pogo

    He's got Patrick Stewart's voice and can pass as a young Picard.
  6. enigma

    Data & Picard by Pogo

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl5TUw7sUBs&index=1&list=RDbl5TUw7sUBs Shared it with Tyralak, now sharing it with you punks.
  7. Over at SDN, Jason (or at least someone pretending to be him), posted a topic about would the YE's UFP be able to beat the Dominion better than the main time line or not. For the scenario to be plausible, he says that the UFP wins because Sector 31 infects the Klingons with some sort of virus early in the war that would kill most of them within a decade. YE rolls around and the Klingon Empire will collapse within 3 months. So, would the UFP be able to defeat the Dominion when they arrive? This UFP is basically somewhat stronger than the main time line UFP. Personally, I say no. They'll be worse off, in fact, they lose badly. Why? Read my reply made at the topic in SDN.
  8. I believe you need a prescription for the transcription.
  9. enigma

    Star Trek: Renegades

  10. Random Officer "*mumbles mumbles*" Random Crewman "Sir! I cannot understand you!" *looks around* "Won't somebody help me?" A bald bearded black man comes stumbling in. "Caption Sisko to the rescue! The lieutenant commander has asked you the latest qworbium reports." Oh Jason, you provide so much comedy material.
  11. Unless you can provide in text what is being said in those videos, I'm useless here.
  12. A consistent inconsistency rampant in ST. They can't even get their power levels consistent.
  13. There is no reason why S13 doesn't have their own secret fleet. If the Obsidian Order and the Tal'Shiar had their own secret fleet, obviously S13 would have one too.
  14. Tossing smelly torpdoes up the DS's exhaust port? Trying to write a ST\SW porn fic?
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    Where did he buy his jib? Maybe I might order that jib online through my nutsack.
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    Ahh but you could have taken the syphilitic seahorses of Magna Crustiana then circle the drain of plastic pudding madness of Allaphazzan. Spin them ferociously until the sun vaporizes the lemmings. Just be careful not to get close to the petrified pistachios by the fountain of Garnumph. They're flammenkin.