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  1. Again with the hand to disruptor fighting. Starfleet security officer "I SHALL DEFEAT YOU WITH MY KIRK-FU CHOP!" Gets disintegrated by a Klingon firing his disruptor. *BZZZORT!* BALLS!!!
  2. They can't complain if they're being disintegrated. Never bring fists to a gun fight. Also......... BALLS!
  3. BALLS! Also, chatbox no workie!
  4. enigma


  5. enigma

    Data & Picard by Pogo

    He's got Patrick Stewart's voice and can pass as a young Picard.
  6. enigma

    Data & Picard by Pogo

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl5TUw7sUBs&index=1&list=RDbl5TUw7sUBs Shared it with Tyralak, now sharing it with you punks.
  7. I believe you need a prescription for the transcription.
  8. enigma

    Star Trek: Renegades

  9. Random Officer "*mumbles mumbles*" Random Crewman "Sir! I cannot understand you!" *looks around* "Won't somebody help me?" A bald bearded black man comes stumbling in. "Caption Sisko to the rescue! The lieutenant commander has asked you the latest qworbium reports." Oh Jason, you provide so much comedy material.