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  1. paul

    Are traps gay?

    Yes they are.
  2. paul

    New Star Wars Canon

    Welcome to star trek folks!
  3. paul

    Ben Affleck will be BATMAN! WTF?!?!

    Yeah i'm not too sure about this myself but I'm willing to give him a shot.
  4. Depending on my lovely schedule (gotta install an intake manifold in a car lol) the website will be offline tomorrow around 8:30-9pm PST to upgrade the site to the latest greatest toy (ie the latest version). Nothing will be loss downtime should be like 5 minutes blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda Questions can be posted here on this thread. Comments an go into the shoutbox, complaints an go into Jason's head.
  5. Section 31 obviously had their own fleet. This was apparent in Deep Space Nine when Bashir was taken by S31 to be interrogated and pretty much made an operative. If they designed the phase cloaking device or not is up in the air, most people believe that they did. I don't know it's probable. As for WMD's - Any torpedo can be turned into a WMD so uh yeah, obviously they have it
  6. paul

    Raycav, are you responsible for this?

    Would explain a lot.
  7. paul

    How time flies...

    Ugh god damn kids.... Happy bday
  8. paul

    Review my website?

    I can review it just don't take anything I say too personally... people tend to do that a lot >.>
  9. So long story short, we hate the way vBulletin is going and the fact there is still quite a few bugs involved. So, we are moving to IPB once again. A new skin has been picked (that is just uber sexy), new shoutbox ready, and the works. All posts, user accounts etc will remain and shouldn't be effected. When will this happen? This weekend! YAY! Probably tomorrow at around 3pm PDT since I'll already be doing updates to my minecraft server. The downtime should only last around 10-15 minutes because I know kung-fu. Also, because I've done this change many times on many sites. Any questions can be posted in this thread. Comments can go in the shoutbox to be laughed at. Concerns can either go in the shoutbox to be ignored or posted on this thread and I may respond if I'm not bored.
  10. paul

    Official Star Trek XII Discussion Thread

    With what else those spoilers say, if it's all true I might be sadly sadly disappointed. I'll obviously see it for my own eyes but yeah I'll loose hope in them pretty fast.
  11. You may commence with the drug reference jokes.
  12. I'm taking this with a grain of salt. What Braga wants is one thing, but until we hear CBS saying okie dokie shit aint goin anywhere.