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How do UFP aviod Collateral damage to harder target without specail forces

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Simple put what see with UFP security not seem real up to task of carry out command like raid to try undermine enemy equipment in harder targets. Simple place let use Cardassion Base in Once more to Breach were civilian population. Real way want to take those kind defense out would with commandoes raids. You like Orbital sky diving combine with personal train sneak in use charge damage the weapon equipment and leave using three S speed, Surprising and stealth.

Possible answer Simple answer is Science fiction. UFP able to normal officers these kind mission  without Collateral damage    damage.

 Special forces existed either by exchange program like advance Interstellar combat or something like advance tactic training. Now exchange program leading to better hand to hand combat some form UFP security is extremely likely.  Claim all culture exchange program.  

Another possible advance training course for security personal. We heard advance tactic training .

This what I have come up with I interest your ideas





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