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  1. We saw USS Enterpise D extend it shield around Romulus scout ship in The defector
  2. Star War fans claim takes 15 years build 4 Galaxy class starships. Problem this so call argument first it take NASA guessing no other delays 4 years from when the James Webb Space Telescope was give the greenline project to when put orbit guessing that no other delays. After all likely sensors special came thing try development for science and research part mission Galaxy class starship might delays after delays those sensor like make Jame Webb Space Telescope child play to compare. Now of course another possible UFP might will take time with just Galaxy class pro-type. Doing all kind tests before sending her into unknown UFP put other Galaxy class starship into sevice 10 year time.
  3. Let face In Star Trek discovery will you take my hand the UFP or accority Section 31 think blow the Klingon homeworld to second heaven the crew USS Discovery did go along with it. However Klingon Empire might been more scare of this and this might explain why Klingon Empire response to Genesis project the way did they fear it would used as weapon against on them. What do you guy think about it.
  4. Simple put it Harry Kim done more good USS Voyager in the Non Sequitur timeline then he could realistic done in the normal timeline for USS Voyager itself. For the follow reasons first he could push Pathfinder project to early date. Which turn would had USS Voyager have contact with Starfleet early. Which in turn like allow USS Voyager to make faster journey with United Federation of planet map the star system in Delta quadron.
  5. Only answer I could come up with is that issue power anyone else have any ideas.
  6. How about give answer my answer is depend if war over How about you giva answer to the question my answer depend war is over is UFP survival under question is terrioiry war or is war of survival or is reason UFP think surriender more to Borg some other threat. If answer terrioiry surrender honor options if surriender means no more UFP I could give lists of Captions glady work Section 31 . However interest in hearing because UFP at least believe losing.
  7. Let face United Federation of planet plan cause lot damage to Klingon homeworld in Star Trek discovery. Also no reason to assume Section 31 does have working cloak devices since we see illegal phase cloaking device hidden themselves from Romulus in TNG. No reason to assume that they not able find crew and caption who willing to carry something close to genocide mission Klingons guessing UFP losing I may still question that another story guessing wrong will. After Sisko allow something that could be used to biological weapons to be trade for Cardassion date rode to trick the Romulus into joint the war. Did not forget the way he stop the Maquis in For the Uniform either. Admiral Rosh was willing to screw up Romulus Senator to insure the the alliance held. This does not even go into all those guy join the Maquis.
  8. Far I can tell Terrien Empire or seem disband MACO. Any theories on why Terrien Empire would disband MACO? WE all know Terrien Empire not peace loving agency it blood thirsty.
  9. You guy forget about the New Hope the Millennium Falcon like get destroy that many Tie fighters. Point is that unless the Oberth-class is armed with photon torpedoes it would destroy. By the way that only reason why I think Tie fighters win
  10. Oberth-class Starship verse 50 Tie fighters. Will remember Tie figher cause least some damage Falcon those something 8 Tie fighers. Now we talk 50 Tie fighers here something like this might able destroy Han Sole ship in New Hope. It likely Rebel Alliance heavy upgrade the Falcon once used Rebel ship. We also talk ship design mostly science limit military and total destroy by single BOP with just two photon torpedoes. I say this Millioan Falcon shields at least good as the Oberth class starship. So 50 Tie fighters like strength require down it and they down the Han Sole Falcon as will to for sure.
  11. In Predator 2 you right do have team that was somewhat will equipment capture him. I sorry thinking more about second Aliens vrs Predator movie. However right were equipment to try compare him one piece.
  12. Why CBS and Parmount get out way to in charge games like Star Trek armada. Facts you could use normal actors and actress to do it and keep all those bridge sets and so on.
  13. Other problem argue question Rebel do find out UFP existed leading to them at least security supplies them with weapons and equipment that the bing end Empire if happen before after short after her father died Rogue one. transporters they beam out all survivals and left before Vader came with the perhaps all date. Maybe used Death star plans lore Vader into trap and get rid him. See effect Empire security is likely Section 31 able get ride Emperor.
  14. After reading post Star destroy.net I was think parts Old Republic aim join UFP. UFP does not have the same problem Old Republic has political government prevent a member attack on other members. Not least unit military at least works.
  15. Jason

    Trek Wars: Battlefront

    Likely Federation even Rebakl look interesting