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  1. Darth Spock

    Star Trek: Discovery Orbital Bombardment

    Thanks for the link, seeing the numbers certainly puts it into perspective. Hey, if it works it works, but I ain't gonna pay it!
  2. Darth Spock

    Stargate Origins

    Unexpected indeed. Either they plan on turning this into a kind of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider flavored spin off or they risk seriously retconning the original film.
  3. Darth Spock

    Star Trek: Discovery Orbital Bombardment

    Huh. Well, I didn't really think Discovery alone could float that crazy overpriced service, but if it did enough for long enough to get them what they want, I guess that's that, at least for the near future. The last time I looked at the prices for streaming services, CBS was kind of by itself with comparatively ridiculous prices. Unless they can maintain strong interest in exclusive content it'll have to go down eventually, no? I don't even watch TV (seriously, I live in the sticks with no basic signal available, and I'm too cheap to pay for this overpriced "rented" crap, I borrow from the library or buy DVDs when I actually find something I want) so I don't know what all is available to motivate people to willingly bleed money for these services. I guess that's the thing, like the "Triple A Video Game Studio" analogy with loot boxes and what have you, if enough people are willing to cave and shell out the cash, there's nothing to stop them from jacking the price. Ah well, so it goes, I don't mind being patient for the better deals.
  4. Darth Spock

    Star Trek: Discovery Orbital Bombardment

    I'm waiting for the season to wrap up than I'm gonna binge the first season on the "All CrApccess" free trial and hope they use a more sensible distribution method in the future. Until then I've just been picking up a few details here and there, like the above clip on youtube.
  5. Earlier in the episode a tactical droid originally said: "No, the super tanks are not ready, but when they are, the Republic forces will be routed. They have no weapon that can penetrate its heavy armor." Here we go: https://youtu.be/pxmAr3b2fYU?t=4m37s And going strictly by visuals, there's not even a hint of shield effects either. It's the back to back references to shields I originally referenced that counteracts this. In fact, I'd long suspected something similar with the AT-ATs on Hoth, with the speeders successfully firing on one only after it was already down. Obvious shield effects on similar, yet weaker walkers in RO seem to support this. In fact, I suspect the AT-STs and AT-DPs from Rebels also have similar, though weaker variations of this tech bolstering their metal frames. Another interesting piece for examination would be the 1st battle in CW 1:19 "Storm Over Ryloth," featuring multiple droid fighters ramming into Venators, with varying effects. There's even a RotJ style crash into the bridge which, while damaging, was no where near as catastrophic as seen on Executor. The only apparent difference between the two events being the presence of deflector shields. It also appears that there is no direct interaction between the groups capital ships. Here's a quick clip: https://youtu.be/7XuzooG2bvo?t=3m19s
  6. Darth Spock

    4-way dogfight

    I'd like to call attention to the very last line on the stardestroyer.net page too: So the example there only really proves a shot in excess of ~ 390 MJ. Also, while I think the low GJ blast one-shotting a Danube in DS9 is quite relevant, that does involve one of the weakest examples of that ship from when it really was just a transport in season 1. IIRC they underwent a number of military upgrades in response to the Dominion threat as the show went on. The Danube's speed and maneuverability is debatable, depending on whether we're using theoretical capabilities, or strictly visuals, but the huge firing arc provided by the front and rear emitters really work in 'Trek's favor. At worst, I suspect a Danube would match the Millennium Falcon for combat effectiveness, at best it wades through fighters like a miniature capital ship. I don't know enough about Starcraft to even guess how well the Protoss would do. (It's on my to play list.) The Arwing wins by spamming "barrel rolls!" Naw, it's a tough bugger, but it's hard to tell how tough do to the excess of video game logic. My gut tells me it's roughly on par with a Star Wars X-Wing, though it did *supposedly* fly much closer to a star than SW fighters came in the Rebels episode Secret Cargo, and for an extended period.
  7. Talking about the orbital bombardment in Zero Hour, something that struck my about that scene not being a good representation of TL power, was the complete lack of indiscriminate fire landing in the vicinity of Kanan's bike. If that was just spill over from the bombardment of the base, I'd expect to be seeing more random impacts in the general area. It looks more like a smaller weapon not assigned to the bombardment was tracking in on what they assumed to be a recon unit. Additionally in one of the scenes, a TL striking near the base of the shield throws up an debris cloud 50 - 100 meters into the air. You can see it at the lower left part of the screen here @ ~ 0:49: https://youtu.be/ARR0RPrr_rg?t=46s Did it really? I won't be seeing TLJ until it comes to video, but in a video of the bombardment that was briefly on youtube, it looked like the shots were only making maybe MOAB level blasts. Then again there was an impressive, lingering fireball visible from space, but I couldn't tell what exactly led up to that point. I'd really like to see visual confirmation of WMD TLs, I just wasn't sure this was it? I might add a few points on the shield permeability angle. The droid control ship in TPM apparently had a hull hugger or shield/armor hybrid. Long before entering the hangar, fighters were zipping right along the surface: http://www.cap-that.com/starwars/1/images/starwarsI_7884.jpg The same class ship had a visible hull hugger in RoTS: http://www.cap-that.com/starwars/3/images/starwarsIII_0055.jpg It'd be hard to get under a shield hovering only a few meters or less from the hull, even if it is permeable. In the Clone Wars movie after escaping the planet in the stolen shuttle Anakin went to dock with a Venator, but they needed to lower deflectors over the hanger first, at which point a number of Vulture fighters promptly made a kamikaze run inside. They also tend to use the term "armor" rather loosely in SW too. In CW 2:8 "Weapons Factory" a prototype super tank is referenced as having impenetrable armor, but is later clearly stated as using shields for protection: https://youtu.be/10qal0ya_2o?t=1m3s But the shields are apparently inseparable from the armor, not even preventing an explosive from magnetically attaching to the hull: https://youtu.be/kMN7IsopqSs?t=1m20s (Enjoy the CW vintage droid idiocy while you're there ) It also either doesn't block light sabers or the "shield" only covers the outer shell that was retracted to reveal the mortar. The example in RO makes no mention of an opening in the shield. Relevant section from the novel pg 267 Kindle edition: It isn't impossible that the ISD's forward shields were left open too, but the indication is clearly that it left an opening in its defensive firing arc, so this example does little to indicate a projected impenetrable shield. In ANH Dodonna's comment about getting through the DS's deferences is pretty vague, I originally though he was referring to the heavy TL network. The magnetic field they have a choppy ride passing though may have had a defensive purpose. As big and powerful as the DS is, i doubt its there only as a side effect. There also the various collisions we've seen, the Executor in RotJ was apparently only vulnerable after the bridge deflectors went down. Also, smaller objects usually do little to no damage on impact, from Y-Wings crashing harmlessly on the hull of the Malevolence in the CW, to a GR-75 smashing into Vader's ISD in RO, to the exploding asteroids ineffectually smashing against an ISD in ESB. Compared to more damaging collisions and the general use of thin, spaced plates over monolithic hulls I doubt they're tanking those hits by virtue of material strength alone. Sometimes they can get under a shield, sometimes they can't. I have doubts about these variations being the result of linear shield evolution over different eras so much as on ongoing game of rock-paper-scissors with a huge variety of different shield types. So far they've had deflectors, ray shields, magnetic fields/seals, thermal shields, red ones, blue ones, green ones, transparent ones, planar, projected, cascading domes, spherical and hull hugger. Even "shields" that are a part of the armor, but require active power. They might even have some actual fields emanating from the vessels with no clear boundary. SW has a ridiculous amount of different shields and shield accessories.
  8. Darth Spock

    50 TIE Fighters vs. 1 Oberth-class Starship

    Hello everyone. Personally I'd usually take any scenario of unsupported SW fighters against 'Trek vessels as unfair for Star Wars, depending on what level of maneuverability is being assigned to the 'Trek vessel at least. If the TIE's are having to chase this thing down as it matches or exceeds their own speed, they've got a problem. If the Oberth is unable/unwilling to turn this into a long range running fight, I agree the TIEs would take it apart with even greater efficiency than the Maquis fighters brought down the Cardassian ship in TNG 7:24 "Preemptive Strike." On a side note, while the case for TIE shields was well made early on, canon is pretty clear that TIE/LNs do not have shields, at least not in the traditional sense. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some sort active system bolstering the hull beyond bare metal, but actual energy shields are a no show. In this case, I'd guess any fire that hits a TIE would bring it down. Heck, even infantry weapons in SW damage them.