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  1. ESAD

    I appologise

    But only to dirk blackfoot can go jump
  2. I agree with this woman.
  3. ESAD

    RIP Dual

    Not by me.
  4. ESAD

    I like this forum

    Oh great jacks here...
  5. You idiot, btw you can't buy TK.com.
  6. I would say good luck again but it is apparent you have no earthly idea when I'm clearly being facetious.
  7. You haven't posted a link moron.
  8. Yeah but what Chuck doesn't realise is that he is only buying the URL.
  9. ESAD

    Currently gaming...

    Did my first session on it (twelve or so hours) was good.
  10. ESAD

    Currently gaming...

    What games are you playing at the moment, I am constantly playing something or another. At the moment i am playing FFVII, FFVIII, Parasite Eve 1, Resident Evil:3 NEMESIS. FFVII
  11. ESAD

    Currently gaming...

    Currently gaming GTA V, this is my first run through been looking forwards to having a bit of time to sink my teeth into it.
  12. ESAD

    Magnificent Bastard Free-For-All

    I would least like to bet against Elim Garak what a legend.
  13. ESAD

    Currently gaming...

    Currently gaming Skyrim: Ultimate Edition.
  14. ESAD

    TeamVirgin vs TeamDrySpell

    Vote then FUCKER!!!
  15. ESAD

    Spacebattles is Fracturing

    I'm not even sure I want to sign up there they sound like total faggots.
  16. ESAD

    TeamVirgin vs TeamDrySpell

    I would guess team virgin although I lost my virginity at 14 and have never really had a dry spell around 6months was the most, I reckon losing your virginity is worse than getting back in the grove.
  17. ESAD

    Star Wars Vessel Densities

    I never said anything of the sort, ^~~~~ that is a textbook case of projection.
  18. ESAD

    Star Wars Vessel Densities

    Dudes/geeks don't take this the wrong way. *This is NOT a troll comment* I loved all the Star Wars films except Ep #1 and love TNG/DS9/VOY, but how can you guys argue over and over for years and years about which cannon is stronger and which shield gives more protection, take some drugs fuck some prostitutez kill a pensioner. There is more interesting things in life than the same debates you have been having since you were 12, don't take this wrong I love you all I'm just a bit amazed that you still have the same arguments/debates. Lots of love Eat Shit And Die X