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    My Little Pony: Ranting Is Magic

    That's what blackholing was for, but that hasn't been used in a long time. I don't even know if the root DNS blacklist concept is even officially supported anymore.
  2. Is that your only question, or just the first? Challenge: Anyone who can diagram those two sentances gets THREE (3) internet cookies.
  3. Why is this here? (Star Trek vs. Star Wars) *Picks up thread* 42 34 65 32 HUTT HUTT HUTT *Punt*
  4. Questor

    Star Trek 2012 Reboot Video Game

    Reboots reboot the entire franchise, and all the little subcontinuities? You sure you want to make that arguement, because Mr. DC and Mr. Marvel (The Right Honorable Lords of Reboots and Resets) would like to point out that exactly how you define "Franchise" is important if you want to split hairs this precisely. And we'll see how long the Trek Prime franchise (or the Trek franchise entirely) remains viable. I remember what the nineties were like, and that's what drove the brand. Remember, Trek becoming the size of World of Warcraft is a contraction that is almost painful to contemplate - and that's probably the best Trek Prime can hope for without a tentpole in the mainstream media.
  5. Questor

    Star Trek 2012 Reboot Video Game

    I have severe doubts as to the viability of another Prime series in near to medium term, at least in the form we knew. Modern TV consumption might support another DS9 style series, but grimdark is just too popular right now to make the themes of mainstream Star Trek profitable without the fans. And of course Berman poisoned that well so thoroughly and Coto didn't get the chance he needed. As for the reboot/alternate timeline stuff? Really, were going to have a fight about that? Functionally, it's a reboot - whatever the story excuses are. Those story excuses do continue a long ST tradition though.
  6. That's damning with faint praise there.
  7. THE UFP IN YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE WAS LOSING THE WAR. If you want to have a conversation on how a quadrant spanning Klingon Empire does when it eventually contacts the Dominion around the year 3400, we can try, but extrapolating that far is just silly.
  8. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. He actually used a quote. I'm amazed, but I was thinking that for such a momentous occaision, he'd have a point.
  10. What does that have to do with what I said?
  11. To quote another mod on another board: RAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Questor

    TCW: Continuity nightmare?

    I haven't seen much of TCW, but of course it's going to be a continuity nightmare, it's an open ended tv series. It has all of the constraints that ST, or in fact any TV Series does. The only show that I've seen able to maintain continuity over long periods was Babylon 5, and JMS wrote virtually every single significant episode himself.
  13. To each their own, but I find that Miss Manners debates generally devolve into talking past each other. Especially without an active, and impartial mod staff that is empowered to close topics and declare winners if people don't obey rules. Of course, I've never really thought that moderation is that great an idea, hence my preference for USENET. I've always thought the relatively unique "style" of ASVS came about as a way to deal with the heavy use of killfilters. The more outrageous or insulting a statement, the more likely it was to be quoted.
  14. Yeah, I'm not exactly a Miss Manners poster. Does SFJ have a list of people banned/deleted? If so, I should check for old aliases.
  15. I should point out that the same can be done in reverse. As an SDN poster with ASVS links, it's obviously only a matter of time before I flame out, curse the mods families and get myself banned. Either that or I get bored and start politics arguments on Facebook I went into the forum that had the most horrific title, the canon one, but yeah, for the most part they were pretty old, but then again, that's when my opinions were formed. Here's a question for you, how long would I last, if - using my normal style - I showed up on SFJ? I doubt they'd tolerate my descriptions of my opponents. They may be old threads, but they were on the front page of their respective forums.
  16. Maybe they've cleaned things up since I was last there, but when I was active, SFJ was essentially the Trek version of SDN. Hrmm.... *enters StarfleetJedi.net into address bar* "OHMYGOD MY EYES! MY EYES!" OH DEAR GOD!!!! THEY HAVE A WHOLE FORUM FOR THE DISCUSSION OF CANON RULES!?!?!?!?!? WHY??!?!?! - BTW, this is going to make me assume that they are either super-net-nanny types or just completely insane. Canon discussion NEVER end well. Aaron posts here? Really? Who the heck is this idiot? GStone? Sample: Well, this is an interesting thread. I find the lack of Coyote's commentary's interesting, as it seems they've been completely deleted. Well, it seems that by clicking on the link in WILGA's post, the post in question is in the Hall of Shame, where SDN puts flamefests and general bad behavior (even by their standards.) Another thread, and this one you're in. OOHH!!! This GStone guy is fun! Hrmm... this looks interesting, Picard vs. StarWarsStarTrek - As an aside, who represents the mainstream? Picard or StarWarsStarTrek? - OOHHH!!!! I FOUND MITH!!!!! Commentary - If visuals are not always accurate, then there is no objective way to do anything and the debate is pointless. Attempting to argue technology from a story point of view is a twitch inducingly bad idea. Heck, one of the reasons why I hate EU debates (even though I do think it is canon) is that 99.999999999999% of authors are incapable of describing anythin in a way that would allow measurement. The only author that I would even begin to consider bringing into a debate for anything other than lulz would be someone along the lines of David Weber, simply because as long as we're not asking him to give us the volume of his ships, he's going to be VERY consistent and use correct units. The only way to bring in story (and dialog) into a tech debate is to do it from a "what does this society/story tell us about available technology" standpoint, and that's a very broad brush, not detail. StarWarsStarTrek: Mith: Ahh, heck, I'm just going to link the post Ahh, here are you... with a pretty good point - that's why I like you. Here's Picard with a Non-sequiter: Evidence of either masachism or something else: I challenge Darkstar to a debate By the way, there's an unhealthy obsession with Wong on that site? Did he do something unspeakable to JMS? I note that you're not defending Darkstar... Look, I'm not saying everyone over there is a bad poster, but I am saying that if you lie down with dogs, you shouldn't complain when people say you have fleas.
  17. Sounds like they have the right idea. *looks at Picard* [/sarcasm]
  18. "Want a hot dog? I'm going to the snack bar."
  19. That's probably why I don't visit most Vs. websites, and stay out of vs topics on the vs website I do visit other than this one. Mod abuse is also de rigueur on vs. websites, but Tyr and Paul have made it clear that it's not allowed here - so I can't squish him like the bug he is.
  20. How about just admitting that you have no idea what you're talking about and shut up? OF COURSE THERE ARE INCONSISTENCIES! Do you think that any medium that runs over that long has no inconsistencies? Hell, Anne McCaffrey's been unable to keep inconsistencies from slipping into Pern, and at least that's just her and her son (and they try and iron them out when they don't work). How many authors have been involved in the SW EU? Now, on another topic, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The ST live action serieses couldn't even maintain continuity episode to episode. Of course, I have no doubt that you'll continue moving the goalposts, lying, and generally acting like a particularly undisciplined and uneducated child, just like you did in the other thread. Why don't you go back to SFJ and RSA's haunts, where behavior like yours is considered the height of fashion?
  21. I'd like to see citations, including running times, on fusion being used as "standard in canon". And I'd really love to see a source for technobabble being used to describe the superlaser. I think that you've forgotten that Star Trek and Star Wars are different. Actually, she's a product manager, you idiot. She knows her product. And I have watched the movie, I just don't accept Karen Travis's retarded idea that 1,200,000 soldiers is enough to conquer a region on a single planet, much less an entire galaxy. How many people were under arms in Europe during the period 1939-1945? Your scaling is idiotic. Please provide evidence that you are looking at an equitorial rather than longitudinal trench. And also, where are your "milimeters" coming from? Are you using a ruler on your monitor? (I wouldn't put it past you, it would be consistent with the rest of your general sloppynes.) Here's some more questions relating to my standard methods of analysis. What is the minimum size for a rocky moon to sphericalize? What is the smallest spherical object in the solar system? In order for the DS1 to be mistaken for a moon, it needs to have a radius that at least makes sense as a moon. Han Solo may not be an astrophysicist, but he's probably seen enough moons (just based on his boasting) to have an idea of exactly how big they have to be to be a sphere. Here's a hint, hydrostatic equilibrium doesn't tend to show up until 400km. I did, I just think you're an idiot - and since your numbers match the incorrect numbers given on so many EU sources, the idea that you are working backwards to standard Trekkie stupidity is an acceptable hypothesis. It should be noted that ALL instances of the 120 km size are EU, out of date, or Trektard fansite. You did not provide a link to your scaling methodology for the Executor. I don't know if you have any interest or knowledge of the EU, but you've certainly shown that you like to peruse a number of questionable reference sources. And I believe you also have a number of problems with reading comprehensions, as is evidenced by your companion thread. Wow, so now you're changing your numbers over a matter of days?
  22. Why would they? I'd expect most SW fans have read that trilogy. It's good swashbuckling. EDIT: You know, they'd be excelent movies, if Pirates hadn't come out.
  23. As I suspected, you're a dishonest idiot who defines no-EU to mean "Only the EU I like." 1. Power Production is indeterminate, if you had a brain in your head, you'd know I meant superlaser. 2. Saying a "unit" means an individual trooper is idiocy - and is an EU source, namely Karen Travis - A unit might, depending on tactical doctrine, be as small as a company, but you're most likely looking at battalion or regimental sized independant units. 3. Graham Kennedy wasn't the first person to propose warp highways - he's just the favorite of the trekkie ignorancia, and you missed the highest speed demonstrated. 4. EHHHH - Wrong - You used EU sources. Only one truely independant sizing has been done, guess who did it? 5. EHHHH - Wrong - You used EU sources. 6. You're scaling suggests you're an idiot. You picked an EU source you liked and made the evidence fit it. Reach back farther, 1 million inhabited worlds minimum. Even assuming low levels of militarization and industrialization, you're going to lose.
  24. You're just a completely ignorant idiot who's never actually read ANY of the EU, aren't you? Plot continuity versus tech continuity. I love how all the new trekkies like to jump on the bandwagon and bash the EU when they don't even know what it is. I can respect Tyr, he disagrees with me on a lot of stuff, but he has at least read a huge portion of the material. GROW UP. Why don't you spend some time over on Memory Beta and get back to me? Try and figure out why that's stupid.