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  1. InvaderSkooj

    Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 Trailer

    Defenders, delicious. Too bad thrawn is going to die.
  2. InvaderSkooj

    Star Trek: Discovery - Official Trailer

    looks alright
  3. InvaderSkooj

    "Zero Hour" Orbital Bombardment

    lol Disney canon is almost the same. ICS is a crutch. Amazing consistent with the 100 megaton missiles from TCW lol
  4. InvaderSkooj

    SDN's Encyclopedia Dramatica page

    lol. Most the vs sites are pretty dead now. Or full of pricks. SDN is pretty much dead pricks included
  5. InvaderSkooj

    "Zero Hour" Orbital Bombardment

    Doesn't mean much, the books and movies are equally canon
  6. InvaderSkooj

    ICS pretty much dead.

    Hmm 100 megaton ground missiles sounds in line with othe ICS ground weapons
  7. InvaderSkooj

    Here UFP hand granade TNG

    Too bad they always forget to issue them when they would be useful
  8. SFJ is the same way only with ST and pretending to be nice. How many people there who argue against the general consensus are taken seriously? SFJ is the same shithole it its always been. Mind play you clung to like a child holding a security blanket. When the majority of your adoring fans at SFJ weren't giving you the cheerleader routine you expected, your calc numbers went down until you got your cheerleader sqaud
  9. Through technobabble apparently since that is your excuse for the DS weapon being technobabble And just where in canon(non EU) is the MF stated to be 22.5m wide? Scaling is flawed Based upon your unsourced size for the MF and unscourced assumption between the DS I and DS II this scaling is also flawed. Where in canon pray tell is a rebel transport stated to be 90m long? Also where is your scaling showing the trench of an ISD is the same size as the trench on the Executor? More flawed scaling. Your own quotes say the Empire is a million worlds. Source for number of Inhabited systems? Yet you used EU sources for ships used in your flawed scalings. Fusion of what? Odd, I dont remeber them stating the size of the MF or a rebel transport in canon As explained above you used EU sources for the sizes of your known objects on top of your unsourced assumptions as to various objects relations between each other, like how you declared the trench to be thrice the size of the docking vestibule, and the trenches on an ISD and SSD to be identical. Yet you used the EU for the sizes of your known objects in your scaling Where? The quotes on your page is subject to interpretation, and you have provided no canon evidence to support your interpretation Hyperbole, also a no limit fallacy, and fusion of what? Sun Dragons? Also demonstrates the logical fallacies of division, and hasty generalization. Again, hyperbole, and the logical fallacies of slippery slope, false dilemma, and false dichotomy And what is the energy density of Sun Dragons? Ha Ha hilarious. Some things are just better left unsaid. So E=mc^2 is technobabble now? Yet another example of false dichotomy and the related logical fallacies. You did in your scaling......idiot Alas, his objections are entirely reasonable, since you used the EU in your scaling, and many of your assumptions are based off of logical fallacies
  10. InvaderSkooj

    Why SW has no chance in hell vs ST...

    Only when its so bad it makes everyone look more retarded than usual. If he wasnt so rude and tuned down his wank .01% they'd worship him as a god .
  11. Thats because the crews and their targeting computers are retarded. I could say modern artillery shells are shielded for the same reason
  12. InvaderSkooj

    Galaxy X class starship vrs the Death star

    Galaxy explodes when something crashes into the deflector dish or warp nacelle
  13. InvaderSkooj

    Osama bites the big one

    Good riddance, forcible lead poisoning is the only way to go. May his 72 virgins be dead lays, give bad head, and have eternal headaches