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  1. Ali-Sama

    The Atrocious Three-Way Cookoff!

    Neelix can cook though
  2. Ali-Sama

    Trek Wars: Battlefront

  3. Ali-Sama

    The Starships "Enterprise"

  4. And now for fun! Boobs Boobs yum yum yum!
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    Stories writen by Jason

    dude not cool. My sister had that and needed surgery.
  6. http://intkeys.com/ Their deal on bioshock infinity($36) is nice!also sleeping dogs($23), dishonored($35) etc! They not only match prices but offer an amazing service! Good prices, good games, good people! What else can I say?
  7. Ali-Sama

    Gundam Earth(uc + Earthforce(b5) vs Minbari

    yeah I agree with you. the benefits gundam brings(combat and none combat) to the table. are as follows. I may forget a few. A:the minovisky physics. 1:Fusion reactions which are 1/4 to 1/10th the size of normal fusion and which produce 15 or more times energy. 2: the minovisky effect which makes radar useless, skews infrared and even distorts visual ranges. Causes deterioration of particle weapons which cuts the ranges of such heavily. 3: Ability to shape force fields with I fields which block em radiation and heat. They use these to house micro fusion reactors and make something extremely light weight out of a big reactor. Hence ultra compact fusion reactors. A star fury could house a power house of a fusion reactor. 4:Imagine a light saber where you can make it into a literal shield and stop weapons. A wall of energy. Also light sabers. 5: They started using m particle engines which outperforms classic nuclear pulse engines and ion drives. The victory 2, with the small frame could do 20gs and accelerate all the way to near c, without needing extra fuel. 6: mega particle weapons are quiet powerful and cannot be deflected by em fields. the first generation capital ships are in the 50tj range per shot. They are known to shoot at high speeds and with mass broad sides of fleets. again this was 86 years prior. B: New types and Weapons designed to take advatange of espers. New types are powerful in their own right. they have jedi reflexes, and other uncanny abilites. They however are not on par with powerful b5 psi core. A p5 or above using a psyco frame would be utterly unstoppable. They could also teach newtypes on how to use their abilities better. C: Industry 1: 86 years before this, duering the one year war, both sides produced an space navy of 1000's of ships within six months. These ships are roughly 300-400 meters in length or the size of the average star fleet vessel. Their guns range in the kilotons of firepower and they can carry many fighters and mobile suits. 2: within 45-100 years they effectively colonized earht sphere and jupiter with 90% of humanity at the time. Their space stations make babylon 5 seem like a childs toy. 30kmx6km. They made 1000's upon 1000's of them. some of which are in Jupiter's orbit. Jupiter is their supply line of helium 3. As we did not know the moon contained a ton of it when they made the first show. 3: their military was in the millions during the one year war. This is however 86 years after. 4: The gundam was a prototype, which was developed in a year or so. they went from the prototype to mass production in under a six months. gm's where spit out en mass. Each prototype gundam has ushered mass productions within a few months to maybe a year. This means they are highly innovative and can incorporate new tech. d: compatibility of cultures and tech. Dispite the diffrences there are many similarities. The techs are all based on similar back grounds and terminology which came about at the same time. both have the back ground history up to the 20th century. We arn't going to suddenly recreate everything from the ground up. Remeber how in sg-1 they where able to see the video of the sg-1 team from the past? it;s because the fundamentals of the tech are all based on past tech which was the same. Though in a story there should be obsticles otherwise it would be too easy to win.
  8. Gundam(uc) earth(assume entire solar system, colonies, space stations etc, including jupiter mars etc) is transported to the b5 verse, and replaces an easy to get to for the ea system, the jump gates remain. Earth just started the minbari war which means it is 2245 earth date, and uc 0165(12 years after victory) John sheridan's ship makes first contact. note the main character of victory is ironically the same age as John. So all thoes characters would be alive and kicking. So would f91 characters, they would be older. seabook would be 59. The minbari start butching earth force and the message is given that they will kill all humans. EA and the Earth federation join forces. what happens? ps i want ideas for a story i want to write. Note gundam in this reality does not have ftl They do however have some cool technologies. you can read about some of them here. http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Universal_Century_Technology ps the gundam weapons ahve a funky way of ratings. the best way to gage the beam output is to use this http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/QCX-76A_Jormungand that had 10x the output power of the capital weapons in the one year war or 0079 86 years before this.
  9. Ali-Sama

    I crunched some numbers...

    Babylon 5 is a space habitat. Most of it is living space and empty space. It is a cylinder. It does not need military grade armor nor anything beyond steel as a hull. It just needs to have enogh hull to avoid small impacts and radiaiton. It really depends. The density of the materials. A car made out of solid gold vs a bus made out of aluminum. Which would be more massive? It is ficiton. You cannot compare some things in ficiton to reality. The crew numbers in trek are silly for the size of the ships. Compare them to any modern ship. Also why you no add me on face book?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/NVIDIAGeForce/app_424559564282066
  11. The earth of gunbuster replaces b5 earth. I'd like ot hear Brain's take on this. How would this change the timeline. How would the b5 races deal with this earth. Remember they did start exploring and where peacfull before the alien life form attacked them. They keep their industry and technologies. http://www.toponeraegunbuster.com/Gunbuster-Index.html http://www.gearsonline.net/series/gunbuster/ships/
  12. If you have it grab one and give it to people who do not have fb! http://www.facebook.com/MetroVideoGame?sk=app_395840630491782
  13. Ali-Sama

    Faster Then light - get this if you wish

    what is your steam account?
  14. $5.99 on sale http://store.steampowered.com/app/212680/ you get to save the galaxy! mods http://www.gamefront.com/5-ftl-mods-that-make-the-game-even-more-awesome/