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    Is this new place worth trolling? Any people y'all dislike?
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    Not sure. I haven't been to any of those in well over a year and a half, if not two years. In fact, I barely even visit TK. Most of my online activity is here, Satelliteguys.us, and Facebook. Frankly, places like TK, Lonof, etc have become very tiresome and boring. I don't know how they still have any traffic.
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    Wow. Just... damn. Isn't he the third of the Great Old Ones to pass on?
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    And now for fun! Boobs Boobs yum yum yum!
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    Me either. That entire type of board no longer interests me.
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    "Susie's an aficionado who posts on Menty's site, in the MF!"
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    WTF is wrong with ASVS? My shout isn't showing up in the shoutbox.
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    MURDERER! ASSASSIN! He's TRYING to KILL me! DON'T let him kill ME! DON'T let him get ME! MURDERER! ASSASSIN!
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    he's lying aquacunt, they paid me to slice your faggit face up and leave you behind a KFC to be tunneled by faggoty rats.
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    This... could actually be interesting. Is Questor going to be the prosecutor?
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    Lighten up. Tyralak may be right-wing normally, but he supports gay marriage. In fact, most of the board does. We're both trolling you and mocking opponents of gay marriage. In short, we're pissing off everyone!
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    In partice CBS doing bad job keep Star Terk. We saw One Nove class starship 2404 form three Negh'Var warship give that shuttlecaft cover fire. That Nova class starships set three Negh,Var warships in flames. According to Star Terk online the Negh'var starship secound most powerful ship. Nova Class starship science research ship according star Terk online. That means UFP cursh Klingon Empire like bug if start a war in 2404. The Klingon Empire warship be target pratice for Federation more powerful battleships.