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Leader of the Confederacy Indepedent system talk army out number Republic hundred one how big strength is this real

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Basic 100  first majority likely B1 Battle droids.  Also their tanks are often run on B1 Battle droid for no apparent reason. The Israeli fought the Arab armies 15 to one during battle Golan Heights. Which leads to the next problem, individual soldier and leadership per a unit. 

First area Clone hands down their leadership is much better unit per unit to unit basic. However comes to generals the Confederacy Generals are about equal to the Republic by average . Which means two types tactics are used. Confederacy Independent system has one offensive charge and then they are in thick of it. Then use combine destroyer droids with commando droids to finish opponent. Republic force depend more on flacking the opponent taking advantage of the weakness of individual units leaderships.

Soldier per a say soldier here to by average the Clones advance most the Clones soldier per soldier more effective when it come to aim and hand to hand combat.  This not to say Droid commandos and the Destroyer Droid are another story .Even the Super battle type 2 can be relative lethal.

Which goes into why 100 to one not what is sounds.

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