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Why B1 battle driod back bone of Confederacy of independent system

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I came up with a few reason

First they cheap you can get 200 B1 Battle droid for single "Droidekas. No information I am aware of that suggestion how much commando battle droids  cost to expensive to massive produce which number go by this questionable. This combine good battle field tactics send wave of B1 Battle droid charge keep enemy business while the Droidekas and commando battle droids do the rest work make some sense.  Means more expansive once able to do job more effective and get into fire range and possible survival battle. 

Weakness this argument first case you on defense simple put the Commando battle driods and the Droidekas are better options when this kind mess. Other weakness is that how badly does Confederacy independent system also afford fight war were Republic force out number 5 to one rather then 1,000 to one. 

Second they jack of all trades this seem good argument first start realize it weakness yes smaller Confederacy warships B1 Battle driod make the entire warship some ways dispensable. On other hand warship like  Subjugator-class heavy cruiser you kind do want specialist R2 units better repairs and the commando battle droids.  Commando battle driod could do little more work but, also to do ship security and man gunning station. For that matter  Malevolence's never been destroy first place if R2 used for repairs and Commando battle droids be used both for some task on the ship and security.   Of course also be fewer battle droids per a clone if this done. How much so is questionable you talk 5% or so fleet real give this kind upgrade. 

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