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Dooku claim that Confederacy of Independent Systems out the Galatlic Republic in Star Wars the clones thausand to one

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While clearly  Dooku  convice the government one worlds not join Republic be under their protect. He made statement that droids  out number clones thousand to one. Statement fail take account tons first Israel air force know fight 15 to 1 this not taking account stealth technology which make even more lethal. Israel tank commander able fight 15 to 1 odds against Syria tanks until at least reforcement arrive which point Syria basic bad shape. 

Also confendery of independent system use military effective those commando droids why they not man guns Confederacy warship. To be fair most target they trying hit are big and hard to miss even for even for B1 Battle droids deal enemy fighters were armed with missile relative lethal. Some battel droids armed with missile also relative lethal when came to anti vehicle warfare that we saw in attack of the clones.

However effective of unit per unit combat is not to underrate at all.  Question individual clone destroy  1,000 answer come down more units. Ankin Skywalker tactic depend battle Junior officers be poorly effective to say the least. Basic they depend speed to over power the Serpentine forces. Know we do not get see entire detail of this fight to know happen other one Clone chip trigger order 66 go off let execute of Jedi general basic response for failure of the attack.  We do not know what Droid army response was to such rush attack however fact they nearly successful according general  Trench. Suggestion junior officer play role in near defeat also able to make judgment call Clone seem to be better comes us evierment around them as weapon. Go three S speed, surprise and stealth. Average clone depend battle might will make back able destroy over thsuand battle driod per unit or more.

Other taking account is this both sides need deregulate the banks order to fund war. Which suggestion two side even match some degree or at least cost how fighting was such were push war push the two side bankrupts.  Of course neither side operation maximin  effectiveness for most part. Jedi not operation own Starfighter group for most part or order 66 would killed lot few Jedi knights.  For that matter Generel Gerives would gonner if Jedi strike force send against the Malevolence since Jedi having no trouble fly his defense. What is surprising is that know question way Jedi used in the war. Militery logic it made little sense. Clone lead own unit good degree while Jedi general was so what useful it question how useful they were.


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