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Admiral Breetai

The Tidesverse

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So, back in 2012, I had a little free time to spare and inspired by some of the fanfiction done by the older generation of users in our corner of nerdom I decided to tell a story. It wasn't an overly ambitious one, nor a well written one. But it got a shitload of views and kept the interest of a few corer readers, with whom I began to keep regular tags and updates. I start the project, mostly because in looking at most of the SW/ST crossover fanfiction one thing came to my notice. It was always the empire feuding with the Federation, it was always also a one sided curbstomp one way or the other. I don't recall any solid stories that showcased what a titanic struggle it would actually be. I thought to myself, even with the technological advantages one side possessed over the other, mounting the conquest of an entire galaxy where you're outnumbered twenty to one, or repelling an invasion from said Galaxy would be no easy task. Each story, centered on the main characters as well..or self inserts, it was seldom a story of the Imperial soldiers, the Stormtroopers, Starfleet security or Klingon warriors. So I thought I would try, to do that, as best as I could, but I also resolved to throw a twist in.


I've never found a fanfiction where the Empire deals with the one superpower from the Milky way that in many ways is its own..zealous, other. So I had the Dominion go to war with the Empire, I had the implacable, relentless soldiers of the Empire do battle with legions of cloned drug addicts, while a Vorta with over a thousand years of experience preached of a religion of order over the ashes. I had The founders, hateful, demonic beings that they were in DS9 truly cut loose...creating carnage, horror and lovecraftian bits. I had section 31 and a blood Knight of the Klingon Empire run their own little games. I did this for a little over half a million words and then real life happened...and I lost track.


Then the Disney Sequels happened..and I had no idea how to proceed. On the one hand, I could have continued my story, on the other, opportunities presented themselves and the full picture of what I wanted to do with the overall saga I planned seemed to be more efficient to pull off with the new canon. Then I tried to read the aftermath novels, watch resistance and the like and holy shit is everything in the new EU god awful. The writing is an atrocity, the writers are miserable, preaching malcontents and..everything is so...one dimensional.


But, The First Order represents an interesting potential..so..going purely by the films. I intend to begin my story again, one that will incompace about 2,200 years of history...in a tad bit more of am ambitious project.


Book One: The Tides of History give the whole 'verse its name.


And If you guys aren't put off by my writing, I'll begin work on this shortly.

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