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Federation Starship & Character Creation Thread.

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Alright, first up, we'll start with our Federation characters, and the starship they serve on.  One idea I'd had was that the main characters' ship was a protoype vessel, and a big one, too.  So, without further ado....

USS Charlemagne
Charlemagne-class (first of the class)
Role: Science Vessel; Dreadnought; Carrier
Length: 1,420 meters
Crew: 4,800
Power Plant: Matter-Antimatter
Armaments: 26 Type-XIII Phaser Emitters
                       40 Pulse Phaser Cannons
                       18 Heavy Tetryon Cannons
                       12 Photon Torpedo Tubes
                         8 Quantum Torpedo Tubes
                         4 Tricobalt Warhead Launchers
Defenses: Deflector Shields
                   Ablative Armor
Maximum Safe Warp Cruising Speed: Warp 9.7
Maximum Emergency Warp Velocity: Warp 9.98
Transwarp Capable: Yes
Manufacturer: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Auxiliary Craft: 32 Peregrine-class Attack Fighters:
                           DS12 Peregrine.png

                           16 Gryphon-class Heavy Fighters:
                           ST Gryphon.png

                           16 Zephyr-class Attack Fighters:
                           ST Zephyr.png

                            4 Danube-class Runabouts: (USS Nile, USS Amazon, USS Mississippi, USS Rhine)
                           DS12 Danube.png

                            2 Yellowstone-class Runabouts: (USS Etna, USS Kilauea)
                           DS12 Yellowstone.png

                            4 Delta Flyer-class Shuttles:
                           ST Delta Flyer.png

                           40 Type-9 Shuttles:
                           DS12 Type 9.png

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And as for the Federation characters, well, first we'll handle the main starship's crew:

Captain - 
First Officer - 
Chief Science Officer - 
Chief Medical Officer - 
Chief Engineer - 
Chief of Security - 
Chief Tactical Officer - 
Chief of Operations - 
Counselor - 
Helmsman - 
Starfighter Commander - 
M.A.C.O. Detachment Leader - 

Other Federation characters:
Sane, Reasonable Admiral - 
Warhawk Admiral - 
Batshit Crazy Admiral - 
Section 31 Guy - 
Recurring Captain 1 - 
Recurring Captain 2 - 

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