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ASVS Grand Story Updated Starship Library

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Alright, had to make a few adjustments to the starship library - both because of A - a desire to "trim things up", and B - changes in ownership of franchises.

So, without further ado...

The "Hero" Faction Starships:

United Federation of Planets:
Trek Wars Fleets - Federation.docx

Klingon Empire:
Trek Wars Fleets - Klingon.docx

Romulan Republic:
Trek Wars Fleets - Romulan.docx

Trek Wars Fleets - Dominion.docx

New Republic:
Trek Wars Fleets - New Republic.docx

Trek Wars Fleets - Resistance.docx


The "Villain" Faction Starships:

First Order:
Trek Wars Fleets - First Order.docx

Tal Shiar:
Trek Wars Fleets - Tal Shiar.docx

True Way Alliance:
Trek Wars Fleets - True Way.docx

Borg Collective:
Trek Wars Fleets - Borg.docx

Yuuzhan Vong Empire:
Trek Wars Fleets - Yuuzhan Vong.docx


The "Neutral" Faction Starships:
Trek Wars Fleets - Civilian.docx


The "NPC" Faction Starships:

Cardassian Union:
Trek Wars Fleets - Cardassian.docx

Breen Confederacy:
Trek Wars Fleets - Breen.docx

Ferengi Alliance:
Trek Wars Fleets - Ferengi.docx

Tholian Assembly:
Trek Wars Fleets - Tholian.docx

Tzenkethi Coalition:
Trek Wars Fleets - Tzenkethi.docx

Borg Cooperative:
Trek Wars Fleets - Free Borg.docx

Chiss Ascendancy:
Trek Wars Fleets - Chiss.docx

Hapes Consortium:
Trek Wars Fleets - Hapan.docx

Corporate Sector Authority:
Trek Wars Fleets - Corporate Sector.docx

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And again, I'd recommend reading these in the "Enable Editing" mode.

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