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What if MACO was not disband and they had small sqaud on the USS Shenzhou during battle at the Battle at the Binary Stars if Caption Georgiou decide use try capture T'Kuvma alive would more likley been secussful in that mission

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I know this is big what if. My option would they would more likely to have capture   T'Kuvma . While yes two women army try carry this commando raid both seem to have hand to hand combat training or at least know some marshal arts. However first MACO basic train as special force train use none lethal and lethal weapons effective. MACO train disarm opponent with stun baton. They carry stun grenades to which could also help to. Very high chance that if T'Kuvma was stupide enough to get range member MACO  like what did to Caption Philippa Georgiou he would all likely stun and beam over 

What your guys options if MACO was not disband would train none lethal force have led to TKuvma being capture in the battle of the   Battle of the Binary Stars.  Or would the they just lose group MACO if they had not been disband you left all same thing what political impacts my options is worst Kligon and Federation war.

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