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Alternate Federation Foundings

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Alright, we all know that the United Federation of Planets was founded by four races - Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites - coming together to combat Romulan aggression.

Well, in the following scenarios, the same four races found the Federation, BUT.... the human government is switched out with a human government from another sci-fi  universe.  So, replacing United Earth, we have the....

 - Global Defense Initiative (Command & Conquer)

 - United Earth Directorate (StarCraft)

 - United Nations Space Command (Halo)

 - Systems Alliance (Mass Effect)

 - Terran Hegemony (BattleTech)

 - Earth Alliance (Babylon 5)

 - Earth Federation (Mobile Suit Gundam)


How does the UFP develop in each of these alternate timelines?


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Each government true own history but, they not part the same universe since way travel does seem different. 

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