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Altamid Drones vs. Super Battle Droids

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Alright, here's something I don't think we've done before.  Discuss the value of various war robots.


So, let's take a thousand of the Altamid Drones from Star Trek Beyond, and pit them against a thousand of the CIS' Super Battle Droids.


Scenario 1: A battle in an open plane.


Scenario 2: A battle set in a much more confined area.  In this case, brewery that was used for Star Trek XI's engine room scene.


How do these battles play out?

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Like this for the both of them.

And this.


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Assuming it's just the robots and no one directly giving them orders/tactics and that they're using 'standard' weapons (just their arm cannons).  Think I'd give the open plane battle to the B2s, just a bunch of heavily armored and armed robots marching forward in unison and blasting away.  The close quarters battle I would give to the Altamid drones, they seem better suited to small squad/ambush tactics while the B2s are pretty much 'go forward, kill' if left on their own.

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