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Rainbow Lightsaber vs. Orange Star

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Alright, in this battle, two of the stupidest things to EVER grace the "Versus" debate scene must do battle.


The first, is something that came from the late "Trek Wars: The Furry Conflict", and is something that Praeothmin, Ikaika, and I have all seen, and all deemed painful to look at.  It is, of course, the rainbow lightsaber.


Now, the second, is a space station that, nearly a decade ago, terrorized both Starfleet Jedi and SDN.  I speak, of course, of Youngla0450's infamous "Orange Star".



Now, there will be two battles here.


The first, is a straight up "Who would win?" match.


The second, is which was the more idiotic.


So... who "wins" this match?














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I had to glance over the Orange star quickly.  I'd say the Orange star on both accounts, and due to its' sheer size.  As ridiculous as the idea of a 'gay pride' saber is in both physics and science, it's still just a lightsaber, I can disable it with a phillips head screwdriver.  The crew needed for the Orange Star is so massive that they CAN'T blow up any planets because they'll need them all (and a few asteroids) just to support the logistics of building it.

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I stop you right there Khas!


As a big fan of skittles, I have nothing against a rainbow coloured light sabre... 😝

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