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ASVS' 20th birthday tribute

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As ASVS turns 20 years old today (counting it's time as a Usenet group), I felt it's time to celebrate that monumentous occasion with a story thread.


Khas climbed up the slopes of Mount Ballpuncher, the forest sheltering him from the worst of both the sun and rain.  Normally, Khas liked sunshowers, but hiking through this one proved to be quite the chore.  His Starfleet uniform was soaked from the rain, and the sun's rays were making him sweat profusely.  So, with his jacket slung over his shoulder, Khas marched onward, the phaser pistol, tricorder, and lightsaber clanking against each other as he continued his journey.  He sighed, thinking back over the years he had been involved in this wonderful, glorious mess, in any way, shape, or form.  From his childhood - when he had thought up the oh-so-cleverly named "Trek Wars", detailing how Captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard  (along with their ships and crews) had visited the galaxy far, far away, to help Luke Skywalker and the other Rebels against the Empire - to his teenage years - when he had first actually gotten involved after discovering the community as a whole - to the present - the friends and enemies he'd made, the stories he'd heard, and the time time his ship had crashed in the kingdom of dark elves.  To think that, despite having no knowledge of ASVS at the time, he had thought up "Trek Wars" at more or less the same time it was founded!  


As the forest began to thin, Khas thought of all the communities that had sprung from that old Usenet group, alt.startrek.vs.starwars.  Some, like Spacebattles, TrekBBS, Starfleet Jedi, StarDestroyer.Net, ST-v-SW, and Troll Kingdom, were still around to this day.  While others, like Turbolaser Commentaries, ObsidianOrder, STrek-v-SWars, and of course, Trek Wars: The Furry Conflict, had withered and passed on, perhaps to be resurrected at a later date, but for now, dead as a doornail.  And yet, through all of this, through the fire, the rage, and the chaos, ASVS had endured.  Even now, in its reduced state, it continued where others had floundered, and, who knew?  Perhaps one day it could reclaim its greatness.  There was certainly more activity now than there had been recently, so it wasn't entirely an unreasonable assumption.


At last, Khas had come to the clearing.  The peak of Mt. Ballpuncher was in sight now, thirty meters away at the most.  Khas grinned, and slowly but surely, he began walking faster as he approached the summit.  This was it, just a little longer now.  His fast walk turned into a jog, and then a run.  So close now.  There was no time left to think, just run.  Run the last twenty meters.  Run the last fifteen.  The last ten.  Nine.  Eight.  Seven.  Six.  Five.  Four.  Three.  Two.  One.  Khas came to a stop at the very peak, and caught his breath.  Looking down from the mountaintop, he saw several villages, only barely visible at this altitude.  These villages lay right at the border between the Forest of Insanity and the Ocean of Indignation, who's waves ground the Rocky Shore of Fortitude into the Sandy Beach of Umbrage.  Looking up, Khas saw a  sight he had dreamed about since childhood.  A refit Constitution-class starship flew lazily overhead, escorted by a squadron of X-Wing fighters.  Feeling no small amount of awe and pride, Khas did the one thing he could do.  He raised his right fist up to the heavens, and extended his middle finger - a gesture some called the "ASVS Salute".  Taking in a deep breath, he let loose an ancient battle cry, one that could strike fear into the hearts of the Old Ones themselves.


"CONCESSION...." he began, giving the universe time to hear his cry.  "ACCEPTED!"

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