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4 vs 4 Martial Arts Mayhem - Round 1

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Okay, we'll try something new with this fight.  A tag-team martial arts slug-fest.  The setting?  The grocery store from "Hot Fuzz".  And now, the combatants:


Team 1:

Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar.png


The Third Doctor

Third Doctor.png









Team 2:

Ken Masters

Ken Masters.png





Raimundo Pedrosa

Raimundo Pedrosa.png


Tai Lung

Tai Lung.png


The combatants are only allowed to use their martial arts prowess, any powers they have, and any random objects they find.  The first team to at least incapacitate the entirety of the other wins.


How does this match go?

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Ramundo is taken out in the first few seconds of the match while staring at Felica by Sub Zero.  Ken is also injured while staring at Felica but not killed.  Raph will then engage Sub Zero while spouting something about 'not being a real ninja' because he doesn't follow Bushido (which is ironic when you think about it), this will go on for a while.  Tai Lung will then engage with Felica while being more than a bit Rapey with his language.  The Doctor will be distracted by an ice cream in a freezer and reminisce about an adventure he had with two odd fellows before going to assist Felica because of course he's a gentleman.

That's as far as I get with my knowledge of the players.

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