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Rules for the Art Gallery

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Alright, first, I'd like to say that the normal rules of ASVS apply here.  For those too lazy to look them up elsewhere, here they are:


1: No posting child porn/advocating pedophilia.


2: No threatening the President.


3: No making IRL threats against other members of the forum (flames are okay, actual threats - not okay).


4: No threatening legal action against the board, or threatening to damage it.


5: No posting another member's IRL info (aka real name, address, phone number, photos, etc.).


Violation of these rules WILL result in a perma-banning.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Now, rules unique to this particular sub-forum.


1: Only post another person's art if you have their permission - this does not, however, apply to just linking to it.


2: If your picture is NSFW, please mark it as such in the thread's title.


3: Constructive criticism of another member's work is perfectly fine.  Mockery, however, isn't.


As long as you obey these rules, we should be perfectly happy, okay?

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