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My initial thoughts on Brian's latest piece of analysis.




Gorman describes the ammunition used as “10mm explosive tipped caseless” and then explains their purpose “standard light armour-piercing round”.  Brian interprets this to mean the rounds penetrate any armour and then explode, but the manner of the description leads me to believe that the explosive is their armour-piercing mechanism rather than additional to it, otherwise the tip of the round would be a very strange place to put it.


Regarding the alleged lack of a non-lethal capability, I would class this as not directly demonstrated but plausible, rather than absent.  The weapon has a couple of grenade launchers, which appear to be an integral part of the weapon, rather than an optional extra as modern UGLs are. While their design makes them unsuitable for baton rounds due to their loading mechanism, they could be used to fire CS grenades or beanbag rounds.  Obviously, since the marines were going into a combat situation on LV-426, they only carried HE.




Regarding the weapon Brian describes as “heavy rifle”, the pump action and the rounds visible through the frame of the magazine indicates that it’s a projectile weapon, and the effects indicate that the rounds are explosive.  I therefore think it’s highly unlikely that this is anything but a grenade launcher.




Regarding the warriors’ use of pistols in all situations, I don’t have much of an issue with it as Brian – they’re officers and fighter pilots, two groups who have historically used pistols as their primary weapon.  Those who have ground combat as their primary role do, as noted, carry weapons appropriate for that role.


These pistols definitely have some AP capability, given their effectiveness against the armoured Cylons.  How tough this armour is isn’t clear, but in The Lost Warrior, Redeye had clearly been hit repeatedly by small arms fire, probably handguns, although rifle fire is a possibility, with no more damage than a few dents.  Centurions (including Redeye himself) are routinely dropped by single shots from Colonial pistols.




Regarding the rate of fire of a staff weapon, while the clip Brian shows certainly appears to indicate full auto, it also involves Bra’tac.  This, added to the fact that staff weapons are almost universally depicted as semi-auto, leads me to suspect that what we’re seeing the example chosen merely demonstrates what the most skilful and experienced of its users can achieve.  It is not typical of the weapon any more than 35-40 rounds/min is typical of bolt-action rifles.


Star Trek


Given its explicit anti-vehicle primary role, I would consider the CRM114 to fit into the support weapons category rather than small arms – it’s clearly equivalent to a Javelin or Stinger missile, intended to provide man-portable firepower close to field artillery or light/medium AAA.  It’s far beyond the BAR/Light Fifty scale of relative firepower that I would consider a heavy rifle.

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