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Ado Mortumee

Bungie Developing Call of Duty: Space Warfare

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Tentatively titled, Call of Duty: Space Warfare, Bungie and Activision have revealed an abundance of information on the previously unknown title.




The game will takes place 1000 years in the future, where a war between the United States and Russia is taking part both on Earth and in Space. The story of the game involves the United States in belief that the Russians are planning to pull of a full force attack on the US Space Port “Friday†where the President is due to for arrival. The game will actually run in real time, similar to what was seen in the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, over the period of 2 days you will be putting the stop on many attempted attacks the Russian’s are trying to get down on “Fridayâ€.




A Bungie spokesman stated that the multiplayer is set to be a “winning†formula, and with its bi-console matchmaking this is a very exciting time to be a developing at the company.




Activision has realised, many Bungie fans may find it difficult that their favourite developer; Bungie is to be working on a Call of Duty title, so to soften the blow, several multiplayer maps that appeared in Halo Reach will actually make an appearance in Space Warfare.




Call of Duty: Space Warfare is being developed by Bungie Studios and will be published by Activision.










The Official Press Release

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