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Ado Mortumee

Welcome To The Master of Orion Universe!

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One moment you’re doing whatever it is you normally do at this time and then suddenly find yourself awakening amongst a field of Stars with Q sitting next to you with a fatherly arm over your shoulder but you find yourself completely incapable of movement.




You panic or attempt to thrash around but the fact is you're stuck there incapable of even controlling your breathing. Q willingly or not simply calms you down.




“Good, your awake. Now, me and some other Q have decide to have some fun with you ASVSer’s and so we’re sending you to the Master of Orion universe.†Images of the battle above Orion between the Orion Sector Race’s fleet and the Guardian flash before your eyes - and suddenly the end of the battle with a blinding flash as a massive Doom Star rams the Guardian.




“You are being sent in a hundred Galactic Cycles after the Antarans conquest of the Orion Sector.†The Final Battle of Sol System plays out before your eyes, hundreds of quadrillions of tiny Antaran drone ships swarming the System Defense Net, and shortly after that thousands of Doom Stars, Titans, and billons of smaller craft swarm through the weaken outer system defenses. The Antarans quickly swept aside the rear guard forces of the humans and finally arrived above Earth. Tens of thousands of human ships opened fire on the Antaran ships as they de-cloaked, Stellar Converters tearing holes through both sides fleets - and suddenly the surface of the moon began to explode outward, revealing within the gleaming grey metal surface of a Doom Star larger than any seen before it. It quickly accelerated out into the battle firing hundreds of millions of weapons ranging from tiny and primitive lasers to the massive planet cracking mega plasma cannons. The Antaran fleet concentrated fire on behemoth of a ship to no avail - Stellar Converters, lesser Plasma Cannons, Phasors, Maulers - nothing could harm the mega Doom Star’s as it’s shields simply shrug off the massive barrage for minutes… and finally they fell; and with that it explode in a spectacular explosion that lit up the night sky of Earth like a Super Nova and it wiped out hundreds of thousands of the surviving Antaran ships. With this victory the Antarans bombed the surface of Earth, destroying Humanity’s most ancient relics.




He pats you on the back. "But you're going to have a good go at taking a piece of the Galaxy for yourself, even allying with other ASVSers who get this opportunity.â€




He sat back. "Of course there are limitations." He began to count off.




"One: No major time effecting technologies. NOTHING BEYOND WHAT THE LOCALS HAVE. If your FTL travel utilizes it then it will be modified to not do so."




"Two: If you pick an existing universes nation you'll get the number of planets allowed for you but their philosophies will remain the same, so if you were to select the UFP for example and tried to go war-mongering you would be removed from power. Keep this in mind at all times."




"Three: All choices are subject to my approval, if I don't approve or tell you to change something you will do so… or else. Also you can take a faction from one of your own universes at my approval."




"Four: Nothing above the Necrons from 40k." (Superweapons do not count.)




He smiles. "Ok those are the rules. Now here are the good parts."




"You get, as standard, 1000 Colony Ships with one billion people on each. They are kept in the closest thing your choice has to stasis. They are also 100 percent safe. Unless you somehow managed to ram a planet with the colony ship there shouldn't be even a single loss."




"You get one hundred 'Manufactory' ships. These are not shipyards and will be incapable of producing anything in orbit. Except for an Orbital Elevator if your choice has that technological capacity. These are "colony-constructors" the descend onto a planet and build cities, infrastructure, farms etc.“




"Now you just need to fell out this little fact sheet.â€




Nation Name:


Nation Origin: (What universe/nation did they used to be part of.)


Nation Size: (If the ROB decides you choose to much or to low he’ll tell you.)


Capital World Name:


Military (Ground): Maximum 10% of the Populace.


Navy (Space): (Maximum of 700 ships to start with. No more than 10 20 kilometer long ships and at least 400 most be 1 kilometer or under.)




“Welcome to the Galaxy. Oh, and remember there are worse things out there than even the Antarans…hehehe.†He says with a smirk that makes you very uncomfortable.

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Nation Name: Borg Collective


Nation Origin: Star Trek


Nation Size: 4000 planets; trillions, if not quadrillions of drones


Capitol World Name: Borg Prime


Millitary (Ground): 50 trillion drones


Navy (Space): 20 Type-03s, 280 Cubes 400 Spheres

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