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    stardestroyer.net forums

    Yeah but the direction of that line of thought died off pretty quickly when they knew I would point to the evidence of the awings as brought up by brian in return of the jedi.
  2. JohnM81

    stardestroyer.net forums

    Thanks, they seemed not to want to accept the canon evidence and it was obvious they didn't even watch the video. It got so bad at one point that I had to spoon feed them with this post: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did. Its okay i'll hold your hand through this once again I would point to time stamp 5:45 - 6:50 of Brian's video. I would point to time stamp 8:18 - 8:25 of Brian's video. I would point to time stamp 10:28 - 10:59 of Brian's video. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are just select segments of your video that specifically stated a shield (of space ships) was up and then fighters took out the shield generators.
  3. JohnM81

    stardestroyer.net forums

    Yeah that seemed to be a sticking point with them, so I posted this just to get over it because I felt it was detracting from the main topic: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just in case this romulan disruptor using antimatter is a sticking point for you all and is detracting from the main topic of this thread there is other canon evidence of a/m (anti-protons) being shot out of federation ships as a particle stream which would work as well. Canon Evidence: http://www.tubeplus.me/player/1339201/S ... _Blood/%22 Time stamp= 35:55 Time stamp= 43:58 You will note that Janeway states that the anti-matter pulse wont do much good against shields as expected antimatter needs direct contact with matter to be effective. So there you go MORE canon evidence that anti-matter can be used as a weapon and precedent exists. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. JohnM81

    stardestroyer.net forums

    I will admit that the folks at the SDnet forums are a very hostile bunch and attack at pretty much any post that isn't praising SW saga in some way. But they are a bunch that demand evidence so I collected evidence from Brian's excellent work (case studies) and posted a thread basically stating here is a way that ST forces might win a single space engagement utilizing the SW shields and ST anti-matter case studies. Well so far its been a vigorous debate and at this point they are desperately grasping for straws in the face of the volume of Brian's canon evidence. If any of you are interested the thread is: http://bbs.stardestroyer.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=158151 And of course Brian, this is the result of your hard work so I tried to cite you and give you credit for your work. (besides I don't want them thinking that ugly mug in the videos is me!! j/k j/k lol)
  5. Looks great to me Brian thanks. One question though. How important are these hyperspace lanes? And what really makes them so important? Here is why I ask: Mandalorian blockade chokes war supplies and food supplies to and from the capital planet. This blockade of the "main hyperlane" was causing starvation on the core worlds This loss of control of the main hyperlane convinced many in the senate to surrender to the sith The solution? Not chart out a new one. No rather they had to break the blockade Restoration of hyperlane caused the starvation to end So here is the thing. I just can't wrap my head around the importance and necessity of these hyperlanes. Can a fleet loaded with supplies make it to the capital world without a hyperlane? I would think yes. It would just take longer and have more risks. The video seems to indicate that no they can't. If they could then wouldn't they even at great risk? Riots, starvation, talk of surrender and yet still they didn't... or maybe they can't? What do you think?
  6. Very nice Brian, I always learn a lot when I watch your videos. They usually leave me wondering why I didn't notice that when viewing the movies myself! You seem to have a very fair even handed approach to the vs debate which is why I am here instead of many of the other sites like sdnet. So question for you, in the armor thread we pointed out how the ST powers have access to a/m weapons and how these weapons nullify the effectiveness of armor. Then on the other hand, this thread, backed with a mountain of canon evidence, shows that SW shielding can be bypassed by small runabout sized ships at slow velocities as well. With those two points made, do you feel the ST nations now have a chance of fleet on fleet victories with the galactic empire utilizing small ships (perhaps with cloaking technology) delivering a/m payloads? (Please note, asking about a single battle not a large scale question of victory in a war.)
  7. You seem to point out more plot loop holes in your explanation than I originally brought up! And while you speculation is clearly stated we are losing sight of the point. The Borg's time travel at earth is a significant plot line loop hole or even a contradiction in the lore. You try to explain this by bringing up many of your points which granted are interesting. But you are making some assumptions that you shouldn't. For example, the Borg don't need to go back in time to deal with the dire 8472 issue by attacking them. Maybe just should go back in time with a single sphere within that 300 year window that FC showed they can and simply say, hey Borg, don't go into fluidic space! Where is the risk there? - None! Doing that would side step all of the issues of evolution time frames and fear of retaliation on the Borg of the past. Again, why didn't they? Because the truth is, the Borg don't have time travel abilities, but then they do for the sole sake of the FC movie. It's inconsistant and creates contradictions/loop holes in the lore.
  8. On the contrary, biological evolution and mutations are VERY time dependent thus making time travel critical to see how the mutations took place over long periods and then learn from it. The fact they couldn't assimilate it now would make the prospect of finding out why they can't from observing the mutation path from simple vulnerable organism to immune all the more vital. Secondly, 8472 were wiping them out so at a minimum simply attacking them when their genome hadn't evolved as much would be a very obvious thing to do with such time travel technology.
  9. Wouldn't that make species 8472 a prime target for such time travel technology and strangely enough, never used...
  10. Actually no. Nice try there bud. Re-inventing the wheel is a thing of great folly second only to your posts.
  11. You stated that perhaps their intent was first assimilate earth and if that didn't work time travel plot. I posted a youtube link showing that picard understood that the borg's primary intent was to stop the federation from forming by assimilating its past.
  12. Wait I thought you were trying to close plot holes instead of point out dozens of other ones.... "The most reasonable explanation for the utter lack of other instances of the Borg time traveling or making better use of the sphere's time travel ability by doing it from outside Federation space is that they can't or things didn't go to plan." No the reasonable explanation is that the writers did a poor job in thinking of their implications of what they did and were primarily tasked with one thing, making a movie that will attract people to the theater and continuity of the star trek lore be sacrificed on the alter of ticket sales.
  13. The ship appeared to be a Borg sphere as we have seen them in other shows. Capable of warp/transwarp. The show gives us no reason to believe it isn't a Borg sphere plus some special gear for time travel.
  14. And also consider... Your answer doesn't actually answer a plot hole just shifts it from one plot hole to another. And that plot hole is... SEND 2 CUBES! In voyager we saw that they had a crap ton of them!