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  1. The Stair Master

    Reason the Borg might have not attack UFP full forc

    Arnie and Barney eat bacon all day! Yi-hi-kippy-yippy-o-yippy-yay!
  2. The Stair Master

    1000 storm troopers verse 10 UFP soldiers

    Hidey Ho Joey! Ride a coyote!
  3. The Stair Master

    Star Wars Vessel Densities

    Ride it on, ride it on. Napalm and termites on my front lawn.
  4. The Stair Master

    Ride 'em High, Ride 'em Low!

    Sing Yong-Tong-Tiddle Tiddle-I-Po!
  5. Ride em on the Dongle strip! Mo mo mo!
  6. The Stair Master

    Lacy Warfield was a KRYPTONIAN!

    Don't make trouble, call a bubble!
  7. The Stair Master

    BFF, and TK for sale thread in Speak Freely!

    I like turtles. They never fall on hot dogs.
  8. Fun times for all with Baconaise! Look out for wedgies!
  9. Hang on tight, we're in for a salami ride!
  10. Hey man, fart a dookie on the roof. It'll last longer, and be more satisfying.
  11. I like horses! They bring fishpaste to the world, and fishpaste is joy!
  12. The Stair Master

    Vader vrs Kes

    Hold on tight! Don't start a fight!
  13. Don't look now man! Spirals of Confetti rain from Saturn!
  14. John Belushi is now President of Mars! Everyone can celebrate! Old Cheese for all!