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    This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night, just laying back trying to sleep and 'how does the Matrix handle fat people?' Go fuck yourself brain. This has several layers to it. I mean there MUST be fat people in the Matrix, that's simple enough as tracking what they eat/exercise in the simulation, otherwise people would figure shit out and start chugging ice cream, but does it carry over to the real world? I mean if my fat ass was unplugged from the Matrix, would I pretty much just be a blob in a tube, or am I gonna be average size and shape? Do I get fed some sort of nutrient paste in my pod everytime I eat in the matrix? Or do I just get my 3 feedings of gruel a day and my brain just thinks I'm eating potato pancakes and spam with a chocolate shake? Where the hell are they growing the food that they're feeding us in our pods?
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    Yes that does. I mean the whole 'humans as batteries' thing is kind of convoluted. I mean using human feces to produce methane that's then burned for energy would be possible, and at some time they're gonna be having a net loss when it comes to soylent green. But that still doesn't answer the "if you're fat in the matrix are you fat in real life" question.