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    I'm still level 0. Only 5 reps. At least last time I checked.
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    It should be -121 by now. Oh and I should be level 5 but I still can't buy anything from the store.
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    Not true watch go to first10 minutes watch it for another till 12 minutes of this video and see for yourself how Kick was able to detect a Klingon bird of prey with his naked eyes in Star Trek search for Spock. Go to this linke watch it yourself My link UFP starship sensors get better after all why did we not see Star Trek cloak device in other movies work so bad and most likely UFP tircorder also get better as will.
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    Yet they still can't track a Jem'Hadar's shroud. Numbnuts.
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    And you once again evade the argument and try to come up with another invalid assertion... Concession accepted... I'm done wasting my time with you until you start providing arguments that either prove or highly strenghten your position, instead of posting video links that have nothing to do with the points you cannot rebut...